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Chaos and the Emergence of Light

Physical science has clearly demonstrated that inside the heart of every atom there is a vast potential of universal energy awaiting release.

Spiritual science, in the form of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, postulates that inside every human heart there are boundless possibilities and light-filled cosmic dreams awaiting liberation and revelation. Manley Palmer Hall has offered the supposition that: “Darkness is the true womb of pure light.” We might therefore consider our primary task to be the release of the Light of Life from within this realm of darkness – be that that the darkness of matter, superstition or ignorance – so that the promise of a more enlightened world can be made manifest through our individual and group endeavor.

Through Life’s magical process of manifestation – which the practice of Creative Meditation mirrors – Light coalesces and condenses and shows up as the many-colored solid forms we see around us. All forms partake in the cyclical dance of death and renewal where chaos and order contribute to a continuous process of refinement.

Rhythms and cycles govern the ebb and flow of the creative process as forms arise and forms disappear. This is the nature of temporal existence, whether we are speaking of fruit flies or major civilizations. Without this process, regeneration could not take place.

Death and dissolution of outworn forms, together with the ensuing temporary chaos, is thus a perfectly natural and healthy state that fashions the right conditions for the eventual emergence of new and more refined forms through which Life can express more of Itself. Dissolution releases the elements back into a primordial soup of matter until they are called forth to reconfigure at a ‘higher order’ in response to the magnetic beckoning of a ‘higher purpose’. So in this instance, chaos is a progressive force.

However, there is a sinister and unnatural chaos now operating in the world caused by the willful and deliberate destruction of useful forms that still serve the needs of humanity. Highly self-centered forces (which are ‘greedy’ by virtue of their nature) are at work in the world and are seeking to thwart the progress of life and oppose the thrust of evolution on its upward spiral path. These are the organized retrogressive forces and their misguided servants who conspire to keep the human spirit captive inside walls of fear, separation and hatred.

What we are witnessing all around is a mixture of both forms of chaos – the natural dissolution of that which has served its purpose, together with the cynical dismantling of the ‘benevolent’ that humanity has so diligently constructed out of the goodness of its heart.

If it is our collective task to give birth to the light of a new day and to shape a more soul-inspired society then we cannot succumb to bullying or permit the note of our soul to be drowned out by a cacophony of hatred and the shrill voice of separation. For light to be born inside the human heart we must open ourselves to compassion and cultivate love and respect for each other and for all creation. A society designed to work for all can only be born out of an open hearted and barrier-free approach to life.

In the Ageless Wisdom teaching it emphatically declares that the emergence of an enlightened and perfected humanity begins with a birth in the ‘cave of the heart’. The Light that is seeking to be born in the world right now might be called the Incandescent Fire of Love or Christ Consciousness.

The birth of this Christ Consciousness inside a critical mass of human hearts will create the right spiritual atmosphere into which a singular embodiment of this Presence can and will appear. This is what many traditions around the world refer to as the Coming One.

So dear friends, this is a time of great darkness and emergency as well as a fecund space for the joyful emergence and precipitation of new light on our precious planet. There is a palpable shared sense of expectancy in the air which quivers with an inner knowing that the ‘immanent is imminent’.

You and I are being summoned to strive towards our higher spiritual possibilities and to both liberate and BE the Light of Love that lives deep within the heart of humanity. The order of the day is: FIAT LUX.

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