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Dancing with the Shadow – November 15, 2020

We are still within the influence of the sun sign Scorpio which offers plentiful opportunities to face the tests and trials of the personality that eventually lead to a more soul-centered way of life. We will utilize these energies to explore the deep dynamics and implications of facing the shadow (individually and collectively) and of taking full responsibility for our past actions.

This work can be likened to a planetary clean-up operation and a recycling project for the physical, emotional and mental dimensions of daily life.

Creativity and responsibility go hand-in hand. Everything we set in motion carries the stamp of our identity which means we cannot disown our actions. The shadow represents all those unaccepted, unloved and unredeemed actions for which we have ultimate responsibility. To the degree we are able to transmute our own shadow, we reduce the darkness presently shrouding the world.

Looking forward to your presence and engagement in this group journey. Namaskar.

Duration: 50:42 Minutes

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