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Generosity as a Regenerative Power

Last month we announced the focus for 2022 at Meditation Mount is to be Regeneration. Expanding on this theme, we firmly believe and sense in our bones that Generosity is the generative force that fully engages us in the bountiful circulation of that Presence we call the One Life.

Generosity encourages a free-flowing circulation of energy throughout a living system that blesses and nourishes all of its parts. As we are painfully discovering, greed and self-centered actions stymie the essential flow of this vital ‘chi force’. When we realize that by serving the whole, the whole naturally serves all within its embrace, then we can give birth to a healthier society.

Generosity pours forth from a loving heart and connects us to All that Is. The root of generosity is Love and Love forms the connective tissue ensuring the coherence and well-being of any community of lives.

We give because it is the natural urge of the soul to be generous and to share of its gifts. The soul does not enter into a transactional relationship with life and demand that it must first receive before being willing to give. When giving and receiving are no longer experienced as two separate activities but are joined together like the inbreath and outbreath, then we have a state of continuous ‘flow’. Unconditional generosity creates flow.

You don’t have to be rich to be generous. In fact, whenever you are feeling empty, impoverished or disconnected that is precisely the time to give. By giving, we re-enter and re-engage with the great circulation of life and can drink again from the spiritual well. There is an aphorism that states: “To those that give, more shall be given so they may give again”.

Generosity takes many forms. It can be a heart full of loving kindness offering a warm and welcoming smile to others in the food store, an act of caring and courtesy while driving on the freeway or the quiet internal practice of sending loving and supportive thoughts to those in need. The practice of loving kindness opens up a portal through which the presence of a greater Love may flow into our daily life.

Meditation Mount operates through a spirit of generosity. We exist to provide a positively-charged physical and psychic space in which each person can deepen a relationship with their Essential Self and draw inspiration and encouragement to join with others in creating a more just and joyful future through the focused power of group meditation and the embodying of soul-centered principles and values.

We welcome your active participation in this great adventure. In closing, let us reflect on these wise words from Chagdud Rinpoche to stimulate the heart of our true nature:

“From the depth of my heart I tell you: one moment of kindness to another being, one act of pure intention is worth more than all the wealth in the world when you are dying. So practice now, while you can, to the greatest possible extent in every situation. This will fulfill the supreme purpose of your life, and at the time of death, you will have no regrets.”

In the Spirit of Generosity, Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation mount

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