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Harnessing the Power of the Soul

Have you recently felt very close to ‘running on empty’ and consequently found yourself thinking, “I really need to stop and recharge my batteries”?

Just as smartphones need recharging each day because they do not have an unlimited power supply, so our personal lives can easily enter the red zone and reach a point of depletion where the ‘low battery’ sign flashes its warning. It would be wonderful to shift from a dependency on batteries to a source of energy that is continuously available and reliable. In today’s environmentally aware world, more people are now switching to solar power and placing photovoltaic cells on their roofs to avail themselves of the free energy of the Sun. In light of this trend, we may wish to consider what it would take to have our individual lives powered by the ‘inner Sun’ – the Soul – thus bypassing the need for batteries.

So how do we install solar power at a personal level?

It has long been understood that through the practice of daily meditation, a bridge of resonance can be established between the soul and the personality that fashions a channel through which the Power of the One Life can flow and circulate. This is what the Ageless Wisdom teaching refers to as the building of the ‘antahkarana’ or ‘rainbow bridge’ that connects Heaven and Earth inside us. Granted, there may be the occasional overcast day caused by clouds of doubt and despair that temporarily obscure the rays of the Soul from reaching us on Earth but once a resonant relationship has been entered into with our Essential Self, there is always sufficient light and energy to keep us going.

Once the Light of the Soul is harnessed and begins to emanate through all we do each day, then we in turn become a source of illumination and encouragement for those around us. By seeking to live the qualities of the soul – such as compassion, joy and gratitude – and by responding to the compelling inner call to serve the Common Good, we shift our focus and point of reference from the material world of forms to that of the subtle realm of the ‘indwelling life’.

When this radical reorientation occurs, we become ‘causal’ and ‘generative’ and not merely reactive. We start to emit light rather than just absorbing it. The Soul-infused personality, like the sun, now simply radiates and unconditionally transmits its blessings – asking for nothing in return.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark. The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato

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