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More Radiant than the Sun

There are those profound moments in life when everything comes to a sudden and unexpected halt and we find ourselves reflecting on deep matters of meaning and belonging. Questions such as, “Who am I and what on earth am I doing?” demand an answer and unsettle the psyche with their insistence.

But how do we respond to this inner inquiry and describe in words something that is actually beyond words? One of the foundations of the new and more soul-inspired society that many of us feel called to build is the Principle of Essential Divinity. This is the assertion that all of us contain a spark of the Fire of the One Life as our essence.

Dr. Roberto Assagioli (the founder of Psychosynthesis), who was the source of inspiration for the impulse that gave birth to Meditation Mount, had a favorite affirmation on this theme of core identity. He invited us to begin each day by sounding and internalizing the following declaration:

More radiant than the sun Purer than the snow Subtler than the ether Is the Self The spirit within my heart I am that Self That Self am I

I invite you to begin each day with this simple formula as a potent way of moving from ‘belief’ to ‘realization’ and of sensing and recalling the reality of the truth of who you are.

You may wish to try this experiment of soul affirmation for the month of September and see what shifts in your relationship with Self, others and the world around you. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Namaskar – which translates as, “I salute the Essential Divinity within you.”

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