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The Virgin Birth


This month finds us immersed in the energies of the constellation Virgo which acts as custodian of the “hidden Light of God” and represents “the womb of time wherein God’s Plan is slowly matured and brought into manifestation at the appointed time”.

Within the passage of this astrological sign there is a particular invitation calling to us from the heart of the Earth to explore a deep mystery: namely, the mystery of the Virgin Birth.

“As above, so below” is an ancient axiom declaring the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm and that the great archetypal cosmic drama plays out on the stage of each human life. The story of the Virgin Birth recounted in the many religious and spiritual teachings is therefore a very real and intimately personal event waiting to come to term within each one of us.

With every creative act we participate in the marriage of heaven and earth, of spirit and matter. With every creative act we enter into the ritual of polar union – the holy communion of the Masculine and the Feminine aspects of the One Life, that when fully consummated, gives birth to a new Light that we call Christ Consciousness.

So what is the deep inner work that each of us must engage in to prepare ourselves for the inner marriage? What is the subtle labor of love that is called for in order to receive and conceive the Fire of Higher Union so that Christ, as God Immanent, is born in the virgin space of the human heart?

In simple terms, we might say that ‘purity of intent, purity of heart and purity of action’ is the Spiritual Approach required for delivering our Essential and Eternal Nature within the temporal fields of earthly existence.

The message of the soul in Virgo is, “I am the Mother and the Child. I, God, I, matter am.”

And so to this end, our appointed work could be seen as the daily labor of shaping and holding a pure, distortion-free and loving state of consciousness – a fecund field into which the fiery seed of spirit can enter and impregnate the pristine space of the heart with purpose and the promise of new possibilities.


(image credit: Raphael’s Madonnen und Heilige Familien, 1881 – courtesy of Pamla J. Eisenberg / CC 2.0)

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