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The Welcome Benefits of Installing 5G

Every communication and operating system needs refining and updating on a regular basis and Meditation Mount is no exception. Recently, after conducting an internal audit, we decided to upgrade our inner subtle systems and did so by successfully installing 5G. The benefits were felt immediately by our team. For those interested in the technical side of things, here are the specifications and key elements of the Mount’s new 5G network: Gratitude Generosity Goodwill Grace Guidance We highly recommend installing this same package for anyone wishing to enhance their capacity to be of service at this time of urgent need and great planetary upheaval. Let’s unpack this 5G bundle and analyze the benefits available. Gratitude This is how we say thank you for the abundance and benevolence of Life. Gratitude opens up our hearts so we may appreciate the gifts that each person and each situation bring as new opportunities to love, learn and serve. Gratitude says YES to Life so that Life can say YES to us. Generosity The practice of giving freely and unconditionally in support of the Common Good in all that we think, say and do ensures we are active participants in the right circulation of vital chi energy throughout the multi-dimensional ecosystem of Earth. Generosity allows the innate goodness of life to flow through us so we become sources of nourishment to those around. It is in giving that we receive. Goodwill With a grateful and generous heart and mind, the power of Goodwill is able to flow freely through and from us. Goodwill is the natural urge of the soul to serve that stimulates an increased flow of LOVE into our lives and our communities. Goodwill is ‘love in action’ and love is the lifeblood and true currency of all relationships. This element will be further magnetized during the two-month period February 21-April 20 as the Mount meditates on the Principle of Goodwill as part of the annual rhythm of focusing in turn on each of the three core Principles and their attendant Pathways that constitute the heart of our creative meditation practice.

Grace When Gratitude, Generosity and Goodwill are fully up and running, a space opens for the presence of Grace to enter. Grace is a natural state of divine ease where synchronicities occur and everything dances and flows together as an expression of the innate harmony and dynamic order of the Cosmos. “As above, so below. Guidance As a result of activating the previous 4Gs, a sensitized and resonant field is created in which we are more open to picking up the signals of the Soul. Guidance comes from developing a refined intuitive faculty. By consciously removing a build-up of the impediment of ‘personality sediment’ caked on the inner communication channel walls, wisdom is able to flow and flood our daily awareness. The guiding light of the Soul now becomes accessible and is a more accurate and reliable way of showing us the right direction to take in life than any GPS navigation system available from the App Store. We have affectionately chosen to name this newly installed upgrade supporting our collective spiritual needs as High-5G. Unlike its commercial counterpart, this 5G package doesn’t generate harmful EMF radiation but, instead, creates a healthy and harmonious field in which our ‘better angels’ may sing, dance and thrive.

High-5G is also guaranteed to not interfere with aircraft navigation systems and it actually enhances the lines of communication between the incarnated personality and the guiding presence of the over-lighting Soul.

Those looking for a convincing financial incentive to upgrade, please note that there are no monthly fees or carrier surcharges. It is absolutely free and available 24/7. So how can you afford not to become a subscriber?

The enrollment process is very simple and user-friendly. When you are ready to connect to the High-5G package, simply open your heart and make a commitment to be a source of loving kindness each day. This conscious choice automatically installs the network and activates your account. You are now ready to be an even greater G-force for good in the world.

In Gratitude and Grace, Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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