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Land Stewardship

What is Stewardship?

By definition a steward is “a person whose responsibility is to take care of……” and in the context of Land Stewardship at Meditation Mount, it is caring for the natural world around us. This caring includes all aspects of our environment, from the soil microbes (basis of all living things), to the minerals, the flora and fauna, and to the human mindfulness that has been an integral part of Meditation Mount since its founding some 40 years ago.

As we participate in this stewardship, we persistently strive and stretch to wisely, and with discernment, interact with our environment at all levels. Our mission is to work within the laws of nature to learn from our environment, and to enhance the natural beauty and grandeur that surrounds us. We do this by walking the land, being sensitive to the needs of the soil, the plants, the animals (this includes the mammals, reptiles, the bird life, the pollinators, and other insect and lower life forms), and with the people who visit and work here. This includes the practical concerns of erosion, water retention, soil fertility, plant propagation, planting, watering, pruning, and tool and equipment maintenance.

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