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Meditations & Recordings

Join us from wherever you reside for virtual meditations and events offered for free as a gift to you.

Full Moon Meditation


Each month at the time of the full moon, when the spiritual line-of-sight between Earth and the Sun is not blocked by the moon and therefore no shadow is cast upon the surface of the planet, we are afforded an opportunity to come into greater resonant relationship with the subtle realms of the Soul. Here at Meditation Mount we are one of countless centers and groups of individuals forming a vast network of light who gather at this specific time to deepen our connection and communion with the indwelling Planetary Life as an act of service to our world.

“Let us set our hearts on the sublime symphonies of the Universe. Though our mortal ears be deaf to the Music of the Spheres, yet will it be heard in the extended ears of our souls.” 
– Pythagorean Liturgy


View From The Mount


Each month we gather to explore a specific theme that is relevant to the continuing unfolding of the Soul and to uncover how this relates to what is actually happening in our world as part of the needed transition into a more soul-inspired society based on spiritual values and principles. These broadcasts provide opportunities for us to connect the insights of the Ageless Wisdom teachings with the down-to-Earth requirements of personal transformation and the task of building a better world together.

Signs of Hope


Signs of Hope was a series of conversations with pioneers serving the Common Good and actively sowing seeds of a better world at every opportunity. The intent behind this series was more than just naming people and projects around the planet that are giving birth to hope – its deeper purpose is to create a portal through which the presence of Fiery Hope can enter and ignite the heart of our humanity.

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Grabaciones en Español


Enjoy Creative Meditation recordings in Spanish presented by Meditation Mount Board Vice President, Rosa Maria (Rosy) Romero.

Special Meditations

These virtual meditations are a series of meditations we have held for special events and celebrations.

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