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Photograph by Kelly Anderson

Volunteering at the Mount as a service to the world

Meditation Mount operates through a spirit of generosity. We exist to provide a positively-charged physical and psychic space in which each person can deepen a relationship with their Essential Self and draw inspiration and encouragement to join with others in creating a brighter future through the focused power of group meditation and the embodying of soul-centered principles and values.

We are here to help each other to grow and give of our gifts to the world in this testing time of global transition and renewal. Meditation Mount is a living organism – a Sanctuary of the Soul – that depends on an active group of inspired and committed coworkers for its continued thrival and wellbeing.

Being a Meditation Mount volunteer means that you are called to engage in the life of the Mount – to give of your gifts as a practical way of growing and serving the greater good.

If you’d like to explore volunteering with us, please fill out the application below.

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