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Meditation Mount Membership

Meditation Mount welcomes you to become a member of the Mount and in doing so, deepen your engagement as we work together as a cohesive, energetic collective with the purpose Peace on Earth and Planetary Service.  

As a member of the Mount, you are invited to register for any and all of our visitation times throughout the year for an annual fee of $249.  With this membership you can also bring one guest with you per visit.  Every Visitation Experience offers the option of a Meditative Walk, Guided Audio Meditations, and Creative Meditation.​​

  • Best Value

    Annual Membership

    Every year
    • Unlimited access to all Visitation Experiences
    • Visitation fee of $12 per visit is waived for all members
    • Members may bring one guest for free per visitation

*The annual fee will be renewed one calendar year after the date of purchase, unless canceled prior to your renewal date.  You may cancel your membership by contacting  The membership fee does not include access to events.*

You can also gift this Meditation Mount membership to family and friends by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a visitation and an event?

A visitation is an experience that will allow you to come to Meditation Mount and meditate on your own or participate in our group creative meditation or listen to guided meditations.  You may come and leave at any time during the visitation time window listed on our calendar.  

An event – either a Sound Meditation, Yoga or other special event – has a start and end time for guests who are visiting and a particular program in which guests participate in or experience.  

Can I bring the same guest with me each time I come for a visitation?


Yes.  Your guest can be anyone you choose each visit, even if it is the same person each time.

As a member, can I visit Meditation Mount any time I would like to?

No.  All guests and members may visit only during the times listed on our calendar.  

Do I have to register for each visitation?


Yes, you must register for each visitation.  We ask that you register ahead of time online to help us streamline the check-in process.  Registration is required for all guests visiting Meditation Mount for insurance and safety purposes. 

Can I buy a membership as a gift for someone?


Yes! You can gift a membership to Meditation Mount by clicking here and filling in the details for the person you are purchasing for.

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