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Preparing for Inner Birth: Healing the Wounds of Collective Trauma – June 6, 2021

The “View from the Mount” theme is: Preparing for Inner Birth – Healing the Wounds of Collective Trauma.

We are still within the influence of the Air sign Gemini which forms a gateway for Divine Love to flow into Earth. This down-pouring creates a supportive field of communion and community in which polarities can be addressed and resolved and deep healing may take place.

When we remain traumatized, it is extremely difficult to see, feel and acknowledge the truth and beauty of our own and others’ Essential Divinity. Healing the long-standing wounds inside our collective psyche will liberate us from the bondage of the past and help fashion a compassionate and caring society where we honor the sacredness of all life and dare to live and love authentically as one human family. What we are witnessing today is the truth of the statement: “Hurt people hurt and healed people heal.”

Breaking the negative cycle of cruelty by taking responsibility for the healing of our own wounds is a powerful way of creating conducive conditions for giving birth to our indwelling Divinity. We look forward to your presence and participation as we learn to bring wholeness and hope to a world transition. Thank you.

Duration: 48:55 Minutes

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