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Full Moon Meditation Recording – August 11, 2022

This Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Board Member Diana Lang. We are grateful for the music used in our introduction and closing which was sourced from Deuter – Yellow Mandala. The full moon of Leo offers an opportunity to sensitize ourselves to the right use of power – moving away from self-assertion and domination into a selfless assumption of true leadership. Leo, as the Lion King, calls forth the courage to lead with love and sensitivity in service to others. The need for soul-inspired leadership in all walks of life has never been greater as we deal with a wide-spread fallout resulting from the misuse of power and self-centered actions from many institutions and individuals entrusted with the wellbeing of our society. Leo is a Fire sign in which Solar Power is accessible.

However, creating a solar-powered world goes beyond the installation of solar panels – it also requires the harnessing of the fiery power of the Soul inside each of us as our radiant contribution to a world that works for all. We look forward to your presence at this auspicious and opportune time.

Duration: 53 Minutes

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