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Full Moon Meditation Recording – August 30, 2023

Welcome to this exact time Full Moon Meditation held in the solar sign Virgo when the moon is full in Pisces at 6:35 PM. We warmly welcome your participation in this global group meditation to receive, register, and radiate the special energies available.

We closed the evening with a special blessing and healing time for the victims and survivors of the fires in Maui as well as for those other places around the world where extreme weather conditions are causing suffering.

This full moon in the sun sign of Virgo highlights the role of the Feminine Principle in birthing the dream and promise of the Soul and creating a more just and loving world. Virgo represents the womb of time wherein the Divine Plan is slowly matured and brought into manifestation at the appointed time.

Virgo supports the deep reason behind the human experience by nurturing the germ of the soul, the God within, so that this Presence may manifest on Earth. It is said, “The genius and uniqueness of Virgo is that it produces the form as well as stimulates the life within that form.”

The great message of Virgo is of “God Immanent” – the God Within - and this sign is deeply engaged with the fusion of Light and Matter. The Soul motto of this sign declares: “I am the Mother and the Child, I, God, I, matter am.”

We look forward to your participation at this urgent and opportune time in human evolution when the ‘Light Within’ is calling to be revealed.

In the Love of the One Heart,

We are pleased to announce that our monthly meditations are now being held again inside the Auditorium at Meditation Mount and will also continue to be live-streamed to our online community. Registration is free and there are limited spaces for the in-person meditation.

We wish to continue offering these monthly meditations to our community for free and need your generosity to accomplish this. If you would like to be a part of bringing the Full Moon Meditations to the community each month, please offer your support through this link: Donate to the Full Moon Meditations at Meditation Mount

Duration: 1:05:33 Minutes

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