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Full Moon Meditation Recording – June 23, 2021

This Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Board Members Michael Lindfield and Diana Lang. We are grateful for the music used in our introduction and closing which was sourced from Deuter – Flowers of Silence. Cancer is a Water sign in which “the purificatory waters of experience begin their beneficent work.” This is the sign of the Crab who carries a house upon its back and the opportunity inside the influence of this constellation is reflected in its motto, “I build a lighted house and therein dwell”.

In Cancer we are invited to radiate our Light out into the world and to not hide this divine gift under a rock. Sensitivity to mass consciousness and the greater environment is a prominent characteristic that puts us in touch with everyday life. The tasks and goals in Cancer are creation on the form level, the transmutation of sensitivity, resolution of isolation and service to the whole.

We look forward to your presence and participation at this auspicious and opportune time in the evolving life of Gaia.

In the Joy of the One Soul.

Duration: 48 Minutes

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