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Full Moon Meditation Recording – June 3, 2023

We warmly invite you to join us in celebrating the Festival of Goodwill – a world-wide group meditation in the solar sign Gemini (full moon in Sagittarius) through which we can receive, register and radiate the special energies available.

We have now arrived at the third of the three major festivals of the spiritual year that began in the Fire sign of Aries with Easter and its theme of Regeneration and Resurrection, continued in the Earth sign of Taurus with the Wesak Festival and the blessing of Earth by the Buddha and now culminates in the Air sign of Gemini with the Festival of Goodwill (or the Festival of Humanity) which is a deep call to service. Goodwill is a primary expression of the great energy of Love that pervades all of Creation.

We are pleased to announce that our monthly meditations are now being held again inside the Auditorium at Meditation Mount and will also continue to be live-streamed to our online community. Registration is free and there are limited spaces for the in-person meditation. We wish to continue offering these monthly meditations to our community for free and need your generosity to accomplish this. If you would like to be a part of bringing the Full Moon Meditations to the community each month, please offer your support through this link: Donate to the Full Moon Meditations at Meditation Mount

In the Light of the Soul.

Duration: 1:06:30 Minutes

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