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Full Moon Meditation Recording – March 6, 2023

This Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Board Member Diana Lang.

We warmly invite your participation in this world-wide group meditation to receive, register and radiate the special energies pouring through this particular celestial gateway.

The Water sign of Pisces, through its ruler Pluto, leads to the dissolution of those forms which no longer are able to contain the new dispensation of spiritual energies. Pluto frequently brings about the death and ending of old forms that delude and imprison human consciousness. This is what we are presently and painfully witnessing in the world.

Rebirth and transformation eventually become a source of joy for they allow the spiritual nature to rise from the depths of matter into more elevated realms of consciousness. The solar sign of Pisces, with its attendant energies, amplifies and facilitates this needed process of renewal for the whole human family.

We look forward to your presence and participation at this auspicious and opportune time as we learn the challenging lessons of death and regeneration.

In the Love of the One Soul.

Duration: 43:55 Minutes

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