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Full Moon Meditation Recording – May 15, 2022

This Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Board Members Michael Lindfield and Diana Lang. We are grateful for the music used in our introduction and closing which was sourced from Buddha’s Flute – Inner Peace.

Welcome to the Festival of Wesak held in the solar month of Taurus (with the Full Moon in Scorpio). We warmly invite you to join us in this world-wide group meditation to receive, register and radiate the special energies available.

This Festival honors the Buddha – the Lord of Light – who uses this occasion each year to bless us with the Light of Illumination that greatly aids in the journey of transformation from “darkness to light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to immortality.”

Traditionally, the Wesak meditation contains a Water Ceremony and we invite you to have either a glass or bowl of water with you during the meditation to engage more fully in this collective act of blessing. This Festival has added significance this year because of the various crises occurring around the world. It offers an important opportunity for anchoring the light of a new day in the hearts and minds of our One Humanity.

We look forward to your presence and participation at this auspicious and opportune time for blessing and new beginnings.

In the Love of the One Soul.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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