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Full Moon Meditation Recording – November 29, 2020

This Full Moon Meditation Online experience was led by Michael Lindfield, President of the Board for Meditation Mount, and Diana Lang. We are grateful for the music in our introduction and closing by Orpheo McCord – Monstro.

Duration: 50:28 Minutes – Introduction Music by Orpheo McCord – Monstro: 0:00 min – 0:12 min – Welcoming: 0:12 min – 16:07 min – Guided Meditation Experience: 16:07 min – 23:50 min – Silent Meditation: 23:50 min – 33:36 min – Harmonization: 33:36 min – 39:30 min – Closing: 39:30 min – 49:16 min – Music by Orpheo McCord – Monstro: 49:16 min – 50:28 min

Sagittarius is a Fire sign whose symbol is the Archer expressing the quality of one-pointedness and direction. The arrow that is unleashed is a ‘shaft of light’ that speeds toward the chosen target. The focused nature of Sagittarius is reflected in its motto: “I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another”.

Sagittarius is an excellent time for cultivating spiritual vision, reorienting ourselves to higher objectives and rededicating our energies to those goals that the intuition reveals. We look forward to your presence and participation at this auspicious and opportune time in the evolving life of Gaia.

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