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Full Moon Meditation Recording – SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Libra is an Air sign that promotes and supports the establishing of right human relationships and the ultimate equilibrium between soul and form. It especially provides a propitious influence on the domain of Justice, Law, and Governance – something that is urgently needed in these times of imbalance, turmoil, and unrest.

The great gift of Libra is the opportunity to make clear choices and to achieve dynamic balance and equilibrium on all levels. This is reflected in its spiritual motto: “I choose the Way that leads between the two great lines of force”.

The Libran period is therefore an excellent time to reconfigure the many structures through which we expend our life energy and to liberate ourselves from the prison of polarization so we may refocus and stand at a higher point of synthesis beyond the extremes presently gripping society.

In the Love of the One Heart,

We are pleased to announce that our monthly meditations are now being held again inside the Auditorium at Meditation Mount and will also continue to be live-streamed to our online community. Registration is free and there are limited spaces for the in-person meditation.

We wish to continue offering these monthly meditations to our community for free and need your generosity to accomplish this. If you would like to be a part of bringing the Full Moon Meditations to the community each month, please offer your support through this link: Donate to the Full Moon Meditations at Meditation Mount

Duration: 1:01:37 Minutes

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