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Group Meditation as a Blessing and Service to our World

Meditation Mount is a Beacon and Broadcasting station of Light and Fiery Hope within a greater network of planetary citizens committed to serving the Common Good. You are invited to join us in our work of generating and transmitting these blessings to a world in need.

The Ageless Wisdom teaching states that, “energy follows thought” and so through the power of a focused mind and a compassionate heart, we are a potent force for good in the world. Know that our group meditations have the ability to positively charge and change the spiritual and psychological climate – creating optimal conditions in which new possibilities may be born.

Please take a seat and add your soul-infused contribution to the birthing of this brighter future. Given the present world conditions, we see two major needs: firstly, the healing of divisions caused by the illusion of separation and, secondly, crafting and spreading seeds of fiery hope that ensure the promise of the future will be precipitated in the present.

Here is a suggested approach:

  1. Focusing in the heart, send out waves of compassion and loving kindness around the world – bringing healing to all they touch

  2. Through the imagination, visualize a future where all life is held to be sacred (Essential Divinity), where love is the lifeblood and currency of relationship (Goodwill) and where all beings are interconnected inside a unified and coherent web of life (Unanimity)

Thank you for helping to change the world from the ‘inside out’ through meditation and the agency of unconditional love and directed spiritual will…

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