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About Creative Meditation

What is Creative Meditation?

Michael Lindfield explores Creative Meditation, sharing about the toolset and the Pathways & Principles. Together, these elements form the foundation of a remarkable means of aligning with the soul and the universe.

Roberto Assagioli is recognized as the father of psychosynthesis, an experiential guide to self-realisation.


The contents of this booklet (PDF) are designed to provide a glimpse into a gift from Roberto to the present-day seeker of truth. This body of work is known as The Group for Creative Meditation.


Meditation Mount, together with Sundial House in England and the Community of Living Ethics in Italy, form the founding triangle of the International Association for Creative Meditation. Learn More.

What Is Meditation?


We go on-line each day with our computers and smart phones to check messages and utilize search engines to gather information on subjects of interest.

But what if we could go on-line and connect with an even greater source of information and knowledge than Google and Wikipedia by accessing a universal network of communication far clearer and far more extensive than any 4G network plan offered by our internet provider. The good news is that this new technology is available now for free and it is called Meditation.

Meditation is the ancient science of spiritual approach - it is ‘smart spiritual technology’ at its most refined. Meditation connects with and activates our power of intuition to access the wisdom of the soul. The daily practice of meditation helps build a resonant bridge of connectivity with our Higher Self so that its guiding influence can inform and direct our daily lives.

Just as our smart phones have specific applications for accessing the latest weather, traffic information and world news, so the many techniques and practices of meditation for self-development and service to our world can likewise be downloaded from the App Store of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. Meditation is the communications system linking the invisible realms with the visible world.

We switch on our smart phones to activate global communications and so in a corresponding manner, let us view ourselves as ‘smart people’ who simply need to be activated in the correct way to receive messages from our Essential Divinity as well as transmit our thoughts of aspiration, inspiration and encouragement into the ethers for the benefit of others.

Meditation, however, is not just a tool of communication with these ‘inner realms’, it is also an advanced technology for creating a new future together. We know that ‘energy follows thought’ and so the focused combined use of the group heart and mind is a powerful agent for imagining and shaping new ideas that form the spiritual architecture for building a better future based on universal principles that benefit all life. This is the core work of Meditation Mount.

What Is Creative Meditation?


Our spiritual practice at Meditation Mount is, “Group Meditation in Service to Humanity”.

Creative Meditation is the toolbox of methods and techniques we use to help build a shared, preferred future. Creative Meditation is a way of bringing dreams and ideas into practical forms that serve the needs of our world. As we serve this greater good through meditative group endeavor, personal growth naturally occurs.


The Creative Meditation toolbox of methods and techniques contains:

Concentration - the practice of coming into resonance with the heart and mind through an act of focused stillness.

Reflective Meditation - the holding of a seed thought that allows us to pierce to the core of meaning through the agency of the higher mind.

Receptive Meditation - includes, inner silence, contemplation and awakening of the intuition.

Prayer - the “arrow of higher desire” that is loosed from the bow of the heart to fulfill a perceived collective need.

Imagination - the process of taking an idea or an ideal from the inner realms and propelling it into ‘formal’ action. This is done primarily through Visualization.

Affirmation - utilizing the Will to reinforce either an already existing vision or a new desired future reality.

Invocation/Evocation - the synthesized action of our whole being to “call down” something higher (invocation) and the response from above to this demand (evocation).

Telepathic Radiation and Blessing - the act of giving out what we have received in service and blessing to our world.

Through the practice of Creative Meditation, we transmit energies and qualities into the subtle realms that surround the Earth so that the ‘spiritual bio-sphere’ may be infused with seed-ideas of new possibilities that help our deepest aspirations to be realized and manifested.

Creative Meditation is the art and science of creating complete ‘living thought forms’ that are beneficial to all life. These thought-forms are the magnetic seed ideas of new possibilities made up of a balanced fusion of thought, feeling, imagination and will.

We plant these magnetized seeds into this fertile field of the heart so that the harvest of our labors can benefit humanity on two levels: on the inner level as telepathic radiation (or blessing) and in the outer world, as concrete manifestations which are the outer effects of the inner work.

What are the Pathways and Principles of the Kingdom of the Soul?

If Creative Meditation is the toolbox then the Pathways and Principles are the building materials needed to construct a solid foundation upon which to shape a better world for all.

The Principles of Essential Divinity, Goodwill and Unanimity, together with the corresponding Pathways of Spiritual Approach, Right Human Relations and Group Endeavor are the nutrients that enrich the cultural soil in which the power of the human spirit will quicken, grow and finally blossom. Through Creative Meditation we meditate on and seek to embody these living Principles and Pathways as a practical act of service to birth a new global reality.

Essential Divinity

Affirm our true nature by recognizing the spark of the One Life that abides in every human heart and in all of creation.

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Principle of Essential Divinity.



Connect with that limitless source of love from which flows the power and wisdom to be of greater service. 

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Principle of Goodwill.



Each of us is an integral part of a coherent and inter-connected field called the One Life; separation is an illusion.

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Principle of Unanimity.

Spiritual Approach

Walk the path of Spiritual Approach that is the journey of discovery and revelation that we each of us find ourselves on.

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Pathways of Spiritual Approach.

Right Human Relations

Experience the joy of being in right relationship with ourselves, each other, Mother Nature and with the subtle realms of spirit.

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Pathway of Right Human Relations.

Group Endeavor


Take the journey from ‘I’ to ‘We’ – the path that leads from separation to inclusion and affirms that there is One Soul.

Learn More

We invite you to listen to an audio meditation and open to the Pathway of Group Endeavor.

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