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Streaming the Future

You must give birth to your images.

They are the future waiting to be born.

Fear not the strangeness you feel.

The future must enter you long before it happens.

Just wait for the birth, for the hour of new clarity.

(Rainier Maria Rilke)

The Ageless Wisdom teaching explains that the Soul is in constant meditation – patiently watching and waiting for signs of response from its earthly counterpart.  The power and beauty of the Soul is an inextinguishable presence that, like the sun, illumines and warms all that it touches.  It continuously transmits the purpose and potential of our divine nature so that this timeless promise is imprinted upon our consciousness as a magnetic lesson plan for each incarnation.  

The Soul live-streams its radiant message of new possibilities 24×7 but sadly many are totally unaware that their Essential Nature is calling and therefore do not register these inner guiding signals of renewal and hope.  As a result, we may languish in the dark and remain ‘unimpressed’ by the Soul for long periods until its Light finally breaks through the self-generated and obscuring clouds of doubt, forgetfulness and self-absorption with which we have surrounded ourself. 

The first order of business is thus to establish a conscious link between the Soul and the personality that can function as a stable connection with sufficient bandwidth to download the note of the anima as it broadcasts to the incarnated personality.  This, in esoteric parlance, is referred to as the ‘building of the antahkarana’ – the rainbow bridge linking ‘heaven and earth’.  The work of construction is accomplished by opening the heart and then steadfastly connecting the lower and higher mind that will allow an intuitive flow of inspiration and wisdom into our lives. 

There is a New Story vibrating in the ethers and seeking to be born on Earth of a better and brighter future.  This new chapter in the never-ending story of the One Life is continuously being beamed from the Soul of Humanity to us as its agents on Earth.  This potential future can only be revealed and manifested to the degree that it is consciously registered and intentionally articulated in everyday life.  Each one of us is a creator and as ‘energy follows thought’, whatever story we tell ourselves, becomes our individual sphere of reality in which we ‘live and move and have our being’.  This personally generated thought-form becomes our world-view – the lens through which we take in data from the environment, draw conclusions and respond.  We engage with Life in accordance with the story we believe to be true and so this inner narrative tells us about ourselves, others and the surrounding world – thus creating our personal reality.

So what story are we each generating in response to the compelling call of Life and subsequently allowing to govern and direct our daily thoughts, feeling and actions?  In co-authoring the New Story, it would be highly advisable to inquire whether we are filling our minds with visions of fiery hope and positive possibilities or allowing images of fear and doubt to condition and ultimately cloud and sabotage our lives. 

Let me report on a survey conducted several years ago that was extremely enlightening.  I have traveled extensively and spent many hours aloft with a cross-section of humanity.  My observations in wandering the aisles of airplanes and noting what in-flight movies were being watched, revealed that a preponderance of the stories being viewed were steeped in violence and carried a dystopian undertone that painted a dire and disturbing picture of the future. 

The phantasms portrayed on the screens are products of ‘special effects’ departments that use Computer Generated Images (CGI) to bring to life vivid ideas held within the mind of the script-writer and movie director.  Many of these ideas are riddled with fear and despair and as we sit and imbibe these images on both the big and small screen, our lives can easily be imprinted and conditioned by them. 

The New Story however, does not depend on Computer Generated Images – it calls instead for Soul Generated Images (SGI) to shape new light-filled possibilities that are unfettered and free from fear, prejudice and other limitations of the past.  This begs the question: “Who is actually writing the script and directing the current movie in which we have been cast?”

As Shakespeare commented:

All the world’s a stage, 

And all the men and women merely players; 

They have their exits and their entrances; 

And one man in his time plays many parts, 

His acts being seven ages. 

(As You Like It, spoken by Jaques)

I believe that life can be likened to a divine ‘improvisational theater’ performance in which we, as characters, act our appointed role from the inside out.  I strongly believe that we have not incarnated on earth merely to watch movies – we are here as members of the grand ensemble of Humanity invited to star in the New Story and to play our respective parts from the heart.  The character and part we play has been cast by the soul.  The soul is also co-writing and co-directing the New Story along with the scriptwriters of the spiritual realms who over-light and guide its production.  Life is most decidedly not a spectator sport but more of a full-contact engagement based on cooperation for the good of the whole rather than competition to aggrandize the self.

The creative impulse behind any culture or civilizational wave is its mythos – the seed-atom containing the promise for that particular epoch in the continuous pageant of human evolution.  Before each new cultural wave breaks on the shore of human consciousness, there is great confusion and chaos as time-honored social and philosophical models that no longer serve begin to crumble and lose their integrity.  The new impulse, like a giant tuning fork, sounds its note – inviting a resonant response. 

New stories, to be truly new, must be born out of ‘new thinking’ as the new is not simply a presentation of the old that has been re-painted and polished.  New wine needs new bottles.  This is the urgent call of our times.

We need a new mythos: a new creation story to inspire and guide us through the labor pains of the coming birth.  The script of the New Story is also referred to as the Divine Plan.  The work of Meditation Mount is to participate in helping craft this story and the birthing a new civilization based on the qualities of the Soul.  Creative Meditation is one way in which we can hone our craft as co-creators, co-directors and fellow actors in this great unfolding spectacle. 

The new collective narrative that holds the dream of a more just and joyful future can be inwardly shaped and brought into manifestation using the tools of Creative MeditationInside this toolbox you will find such techniques and practices as: Imagination, Affirmation, Receptive and Reflective meditation, Concentration and Telepathic Radiation or Blessing.  And the solid foundation, upon which this preferred future-oriented story stands, are the three spiritual Principles of Essential Divinity – affirming the sacredness of all Creation; Goodwill – acknowledging the inherent goodness of the soul of humanity as a fount of love and Unanimity – the scientific reality of the interdependency and complete coherence of Life. 

These founding Principles are anchored in the pragmatism of daily life through the three Pathways (aka Laws) of Spiritual Approach – the upward path of striving to our highest potential, Right Human Relations – the natural urge of the soul to connect and commune lovingly and respectfully with all life and Group Endeavor – the honoring of our interdependency through concerted and wholehearted efforts in support of the Common Good. 

As the old story fades and falls away, the Soul of Humanity calls out for us to rise together and, in creative partnership with the Subtle Realms, participate in co-authoring a story that at each turn of the spiral reveals new and richer expressions of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.  The building of a New Civilization infused with the qualities of the Soul is an artistic endeavor of the highest order that may take several hundreds or thousands of years to reach its full flowering in a Golden Age.  However, the time to begin writing and actively playing our part in this emerging story is now. 

If you have not already done so, then please act today and subscribe to a more positive future by signing up for continuous and free live-streaming service from your Soul.  Simply stated, the invitation is to make meditation and creative thinking a regular and regenerative part of your daily rhythm.  

We cannot rely solely on an internet search to fulfill our deep soul-directed inquiries.  Caution is needed as information nowadays comes in many guises and is often biased and distorted to reinforce a particular point of view.  Disinformation is rampant and information, by itself, does not necessarily qualify as representing reality.  We need to cultivate a sensitivity and skill to sort the wheat from the chaff so that we do not compound the problem by inadvertently reinforcing the many distortions filling the ethers.  Practicing discernment is more imperative now than ever in recognizing truth from untruth.

As has been stated earlier, to access and download the wisdom of the soul, the stable link of the antahkarana has to be constructed and activated.  No external ‘service provider’ can offer and install this potent connection.  It is up to us as the designated ‘spiritual technicians’ to construct the needed rainbow bridge and this refined task demands diligent and daily inner work. 

Receiving inspiration and finding wise answers to the profound questions and challenges of life as we seek to shape a new world together requires us to be online with the One Soul of Humanity.  In this way we are able to consciously and collectively live-stream the Future as we play our designated parts in the New Story on the stage of the Present – fully lit by the floodlight of the Soul.  

Michael Lindfield

Board President

Meditation Mount

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