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The Call of the Soul (Part Two)

In Part One, we acknowledged the subtle call from the depth of our being that often goes unanswered. We named it as the call of the soul that is growing stronger, more persistent and more urgent with every passing day. We also identified several of the psychological ‘sound barriers’ that may cause us to turn a deaf ear. In Agni Yoga we are advised to, “listen with the ears of the heart” as the heart is an organ that already is a highly refined instrument tuned to the frequencies of the subtle worlds. In Part Two, we now explore the three levels out of which the call of the soul issues forth. They are as follows:

  1. The individual soul that is calling to us as the designated custodian of our incarnated ‘universe of Self’

  2. The Soul of Humanity calling out to all its disparate parts to move from a state of separation and create a new level of wholeness

  3. The Soul of the Planet calling to all the multidimensional aspects of Its being as the Heart of the Sun, in turn, invites Earth to enter into a greater state of alignment and integration

We are being asked and invited to respond to all three dimensions of the call. This is only possible when we shift our identity from the part to the whole – when we shift from being human to becoming Gaian. Why choose the name Gaia to describe Earth and this new deeper identity? Gaia is the primal mother goddess from Greek mythology who is complete in Herself. Some earth scientists, such as Dr James Lovelock, have used the term Gaia to mean the complete living planet itself, as a complex organism.

So, what is the difference between living as a human and living as a Gaian? As humans, we go about our lives looking at the world as an external reality – something existing outside of ourselves. Here is how I would describe the difference:

As Gaians we think, feel and act within a deeply sensed knowing that the whole Earth lives inside of us and that we live inside the whole Earth. A Gaian is a conscious fractal of the multidimensional ecosystem that constitutes the Living Planet. A Gaian is a microcosm of Gaia – a sacred space of synthesis where Life meets Life and knows Itself to be at One with All Creation.

We could sum up by saying that a human being lives on the Earth while a Gaian lives ‘AS’ the Earth. It might well be too much of a leap from human to Gaian and so this desired transition may require several intermediate steps.

One useful technique for attaining that to which we strive and aspire is to act ‘as if’. Dr Roberto Assagioli (the inspiration behind Meditation Mount and founder of the spiritual psychology known as Psychosynthesis) used this approach with his students and clients.

Acting ‘as if’ is like learning to ride a bicycle with trainer wheels. When riding has eventually become an internalized reality and a learned skill, we may remove the trainer wheels. Likewise, once we have internalized and embodied certain soul qualities and characteristics we can stop acting ‘as if’ and continue living ‘as’ our aspirations. This is how we cross the bridge that spans the gap between the human and Gaian states of consciousness.

Part of the shift involves moving away from the pull of the lunar forces controlling the lower vehicle – the tides governing the ebb and flow of feelings and thoughts – into the domain of the solar forces represented by the soul. We hold Meditation Mount to be a Sanctuary of the Soul – a ‘Soular-powered’ re-charging station for those who are depleted and need a boost of inspiration by reconnecting with their Essential Divinity.

We are being asked to become ‘soular-powered’ by coming online with the presence of the soul. Meditation is one clear way of getting online. Meditation creates a connection with the soul that is stable and free of monthly service provider charges. Solar power is limitless as long as the sun keeps shining and ‘soular’ power is limitless as long as the soul continues to radiate its blessings into our daily lives. The call of the Soul is a call to engage what is known as the Solar Fire – the Fire of Love that burns at the core of our being and forms the nucleus of the Soul. This nuclear power is generated through fusion – the merging of the soul with its integrated personality – in contradistinction to nuclear fission where the atom is split which releases the inner fire of matter.

The journey of the Soul is a nuclear adventure where, finally, it becomes radioactive and suffuses the surrounding ethers with the power of Love. The call of the soul is the call to live a life of loving kindness and, like the sun, freely giving of the light and warmth of the heart to others without asking anything in return.

“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of Love. Then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Teilhard de Chardin

You are warmly invited to take the necessary time and space in order to still the mind and enter the silence of the heart. From within this ‘spiritual inbox’, please check your messages and missed calls as there most likely will be a whole stream of signs and signals from the soul awaiting your attention. The call of the Soul is a compelling call to love and to serve all Life unconditionally at this pivotal point in history.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

You can also listen to more on this subject on this podcast below and View From The Mount broadcast recording about The Call of the Soul.

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