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A High Degree of Success


So what if our souls have enrolled us in the School of Life with the goal of realizing our Essential Divinity and we have failed to consciously register this fact? The pedagogical approach in Classroom Earth appears to be ‘action learning’ where we are called to think, sense, do and then reflect before acting again in a wiser manner. Development is not based on individual competition but rather it is a group endeavor in consciousness expansion and so cooperation is a pre-requisite for success. Ideally, we progress along an upward spiral path of growth – however, in reality, we often get caught in a loop and find ourselves repeating lessons until they are finally learned. I believe that each of us has a lesson plan developed by the soul and we are placed in particular situations with specific people who are part of our learning cohort. Friends, family, co-workers and random ‘strangers’ comprise our fellow students. A college degree may take four years to achieve and thus it would be unrealistic to think that we could graduate in just one year. Likewise, it is hard to imagine us graduating from the School of Life in just one lifetime. By the way, for those of us who need the occasional break, recess happens between lifetimes! It may take many sojourns on Earth and numerous cycles of experiential learning to bring us to the point of mastery so that the soul can fully express the beauty of its gifts without distortion or hindrance through an integrated and soul-infused personality.

Fortunately we are blessed with a wise and illumined faculty as mentors and guides made up of post-graduate humans from the Kingdom of Souls who have successfully traveled the same challenging paths that we presently find ourselves on.

Passing grades are not reached through written exams but are measured by how much Light we are emitting. Every time we learn to embody a further aspect of the soul, we cause the atoms in our bodies to vibrate at a higher frequency. So being a ‘bright student’ does not refer to our IQ but to our capacity to radiate greater light.

We can always dress up in fancy clothes to give the impression of success or behave in a way that gives the appearance of enlightenment, but our true colors of success are registered and reflected in the composition of our aura. The aura is where the student transcripts are kept as a real-time record of the progress made by the soul. Thankfully these files cannot be hacked or manipulated.

Dropping out of school would leave us in the dark and, given the present critical world situation, we must all stay the course. Let’s graduate together as a human family by developing those life-enriching soul qualities such as goodwill, compassion and a respect for all life. Our graduation ceremony will be marked by a release of the collective Light of the Soul – a light that will illumine the darkness of ignorance and lead us from the ‘unreal to the real’. On the spiritual path, growth happens by degrees.

(The Open Gate image courtesy Hartwig HKD / CC2.0)

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