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A Synthesis of Nations

It is said that during each lifetime, the soul is in constant meditation – beaming the light and warmth of love and wisdom to us on Earth in our role as its incarnated and appointed agent. The soul witnesses and watches over us and patiently waits until the time finally arrives when we become aware of its presence and are able to build a bridge of communication. This is the ‘rainbow bridge’ of consciousness that connects the two realms of soul and personality and allows our daily lives to be guided with each and every step taken upon the spiral Path of evolution. Likewise, the soul of each nation is in constant meditation – radiating the light, love and wisdom of its Essential Nature to the population until that moment comes when conscious contact is made and the power and beauty of the national soul is able to inspire and guide its people and leaders. When ‘the soul controls the outer form’ a path opens up which allows the unique gifts of the country and culture to be shared with the world. Imagine now the souls of all nations meeting and merging on the deepest levels to create a unified field in which the whole of humankind can live in harmony with itself and all life on Earth. It was this very vision that was so clearly and constantly held in the heart and mind of Dr Roberto Assagioli – the inspiration and guiding light behind Meditation Mount – as the eventual and necessary ‘Synthesis of Nations’. The deep reason for any of us embarking on a spiritual process of developing and refining the earthly vehicle which we call the ‘personality’ is so that it can become an accurate and articulate instrument of expression for the gifts of the Soul. On those many occasions when we fall short of our intended goal of soul-inspired living, our behavior may well have been conditioned by the pain and distortion of past patterns which can easily interfere with us expressing the higher aspects of Self that characterize our Divine Nature. This is the struggle we are witnessing in society today – among people and among nations. Reflecting on the words of Roberto Assagioli written 60 years ago, we gain greater insight into the work of bringing synthesis to the individual, the nation and to the global family of nations.

“The psychosynthesis of each nation must precede that between the nations, just as the psychosynthesis of the individual must precede its harmonious integration into the various human groups; disharmonious individuals cannot form harmonic groups, and the same is true of nations; this does not require demonstration. Psychosynthesis between nations is an urgent need. As there is no isolated individual, detached from his close and multiple relationships with other individuals and human groups, so there are no isolated and self-sufficient nations. But psychosynthesis between nations presents great difficulties, the same that hinder cooperation between individuals. In addition to the general ones, there are those deriving from the still backward psychological evolutionary stage of the “national entities”. One of the greatest difficulties for the harmonious synthesis between nations, indeed one of the greatest dangers that threaten world peace, is the strong tendency towards self-affirmation and the consequent aggressiveness. The most effective means to use towards this is its transformation and sublimation from material and hostile self-affirmation into psychological and spiritual self-affirmation.”

For a more in-depth exploration of this subject, we invite you to watch a recent View from the Mount broadcast on ‘The Synthesis of Nations’. At this time of global unrest and unraveling, our earnest desire is that the world ‘fall into Peace’ and not ‘fall into pieces’. Ultimately, we are at peace when our lives become immersed in a deeper dimension of meaning and belonging as we move from self-centeredness to serving the Common Good. At Meditation Mount, we firmly believe this tipping point happens when the locus of one’s life shifts from seeking to satisfy the separated self and enters a more generative phase of serving the Common Good with all of our heart. This is true of an individual as well as a nation. It is obvious that when the wild impulses of an unbridled personality hold sway, the soul cannot easily enter this dissonant field and create harmony. Establishing right relations between people and nations begins with the needed task of establishing right resonant relationship between the soul and personality. This is our personal responsibility and unique contribution to peace in the world. Creating a ‘beloved community of nations and a ‘more perfect union’ of humanity is the challenge facing us. The invitation of the soul is for us to fulfill the request made 2,000 years ago to inaugurate and manifest an era of peace and goodwill on Earth. May Peace Prevail in every Nation. May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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