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A Time to Shine (Part One)

A favorite childhood verse of mine by Ibn al ‘Arabi goes like this:

God sleeps in the rocks (1st kingdom) Dreams in the plants (2nd kingdom) Stirs in the animals (3rd kingdom) Awakens in humans (4th kingdom)

I believe that it is time to add another line:

And Shines in the realm of Souls (5th kingdom)

There is a magnificent spectrum of creative expression stretching from the dense physical plane all the way to the highest frequency of Divine Purpose to which we give the name kingdoms or realms.

Much of this Spectrum goes unregistered by our human senses and so it is not surprising that we are unaware of these so-called ‘invisible realms’ in our everyday activities. So, what is the nature of this Fifth kingdom – the Realm of Souls?

It has been referred to by various names throughout the ages, such as the Communion of Saints, our Elder Brothers and Sisters, the Spiritual Hierarchy, The Masters of Wisdom and The Illumined Ones to name but a few. My dear departed friend Donald Keys (the founder of the UN-based NGO Planetary Citizens) called this sphere of consciousness the land of ‘post-graduate humans’. I like his description as it hints at the story of what it takes to inhabit this neighboring upper region.

A resident of this realm might be described as one who has graduated (with a degree and with honors) from the human classroom by clearing away all blockages and distortions from within their field of expression so that the personality is fused with the Soul, and the Light of the Inner Sun radiates unhindered as a blessing to all life. For me, this fifth realm represents the full flowering of the promise held within the heart of humanity. It is our next destination and home on the evolutionary spiral.

Meanwhile back on Earth, we inhabitants of the fourth kingdom in Nature struggle to master those skills that will help establish right human relations, cultivate non-attachment to form and generally clean up the unillumined personal patterns and unhelpful behaviors that constitute ‘the shadow’ – the unredeemed aspects of the Self. We are each enrolled in a vast planetary graduate program and, thankfully, have the guidance of mentors from the Realm of Souls who have successfully traveled the same challenging paths that we presently find ourselves on.

The Ageless Wisdom teaching indicates that a major task for humanity is to build a path of consciousness – a ‘rainbow bridge’ – connecting the fourth and the fifth kingdoms so that through this living link, a flood of much needed light and love can enter our earthly dimension. It is the power of this Soul light that will dispel the darkness caused by fear, hatred and ignorance which is gripping so much of humanity today. Collectively, we are being called to be ‘Suns of God’ and shine our light in the darkness.

Cooperation and ‘right relations’ with Mother Nature are usually seen as the way in which we wisely use the resources of the planet, how we respect the plants and animals as well as how we treat each other. It is time to expand our concept to also include how we commune and cooperate with the Kingdom of Souls as partners in the outworking of a great Plan of Light.

It is now fairly common to read about people who have skills as animal communicators or who are adept at conversing with flowers and other inhabitants of the plant kingdom. As part of the gardening team at the Findhorn Community in northern Scotland in the early 1970s, I had first-hand experience of this reality. Findhorn is famous for its experiment in cooperation between the human, Angelic (Devic) and Nature spirit realms that produced bountiful and larger-than-life vegetables as a demonstration of what is possible through ‘right resonant relations’.

If we see all these realms as aspects of One Planetary Life then communication and cooperation between the Fourth and the Fifth kingdoms is simply Life communing with Itself in a deeper and more intentional way than ever before. Closer cooperation between the Kingdom of Souls and humanity is therefore a sign of a natural and healthy relationship occurring within an integrated and sentient planetary eco-system.

The Tibetan teacher DK has told us that educating the world about the existence of this Fifth Realm of Nature is a pre-condition and a necessary step in “preparing the way” for the Reappearance of the Coming One (or the Christ Presence). If this is true, then how can we hope to accomplish this goal and to speak and act with conviction and authenticity without first entering into a living relationship with this field of Loving, Lighted Wisdom that we call the Kingdom of the Soul?

Meditation Mount’s purpose is dedicated to this work of “preparing the way” through the promulgation of the Pathways and Principles of the Kingdom of the Soul and by promoting Creative Meditation as a powerful tool for building a new world together from the inside out. We shape this new preferred reality through the collective power of imagination, focused thought and a compassionate heart. We are mindful of the spiritual axiom, ‘Energy follows thought’ and therefore view creative meditation as a wise and constructive application of this innate power.

As a group, we see ourselves as an integral part of a multi-dimensional project team – a planetary network that includes the ‘seen’ as well as the ‘unseen’ realms of Life. So, what does it take for each of us to be present and participate in this global service project for bringing heaven down on Earth and raising Earth to Heaven?

We will continue exploring this question next month in Part Two of ‘A Time to Shine’. Until then, we offer an affirmation given to Dr Roberto Assagioli (the inspiration behind Meditation Mount and founder of the spiritual psychology called Psychosynthesis) by his Teacher, the Master DK as something to practice and ponder.

I am a messenger of Light, I am a pilgrim on the way of Love. I do not walk alone but know myself As one with all Great Souls And one with Them in service. Their strength is mine, This strength I claim. My strength is Theirs And this I freely give. A soul, I walk on Earth, I represent the ONE.

This invocative formula is a powerful reminder of who we are and how we can most effectively show up each day as a force for good in the world. Please take it for a test drive and observe what it may evoke in you.

Namaste – we salute and celebrate the divinity in you.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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