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Cultivating the Radiant Heart of Being – November 13, 2022

The “View from the Mount” theme is: Cultivating the Radiant Heart of Being

We will explore the urgent need for each of us to open and activate the heart as an instrument of refined receptivity and radiation. The heart functions an organ of utmost sensitivity that registers the subtle transmissions from Self, friends and our surrounding community as well as from the distant reaches of the Cosmos. Without the pulsing heart we remain cut off from the ‘great chain of being’ and out of touch with life.

To bring the needed light and compassion of the soul to alleviate the present prevailing darkness of ignorance, separation and intolerance, the fire of loving kindness has to be kindled in the hearth of the heart. If we are to create a heart-lighted society and not one that is callous and heartless, the locus of living has to shift from the cold intellect to the heart as the seat of wise governance.

The path that will lead us to a brighter and a more just and joyful future can only be traversed by first entering through the gateway of the heart. This is the collective challenge and opportunity facing us now as a human species.

We welcome your presence and participation as we ‘inquire the way together’.

Duration: 58 Minutes

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