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Delivering The Divine Promise

This is the third in a series of reflections (beginning in February 2015) on the opportunity for closer cooperation between the various life-streams (aka kingdoms) that comprise the Life of our Planet. We have been focusing on the new level of collaboration required between the Fourth Kingdom (Humanity) and the Fifth Kingdom (the Spiritual Hierarchy or Kingdom of Souls) to spark and manifest a vision of a world living in right relationship with itself.


What if we were to view the emerging global coalition of individuals and groups, whose hearts have been opened to the call to build this new world, as creative partners with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the outworking of a deep desire burning within the Heart and Mind of the Creator.

Seen in this new light, each of our group endeavors constitutes interdependent points of expression and diverse aspects of a grand strategy to materialize the beauty of a Divine Dream. This Divine Dream will be achieved through a concerted celebration of ‘splendid multi-formity’ requiring the active participation of every living soul in cooperation with the Subtle Worlds.

Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the crunchy carrot so the vision alive in the Planetary Logos contains the pattern and promise of a tangible “heaven on earth”. This pattern is what we refer to as the Divine Plan. Right now it is being streamed to us ‘live’ from the heart of the Kingdom of Souls into the ethers of our collective human consciousness to ignite and mobilize us.

The promise within any seed can only be shown by being sown and grown and, likewise, the Dream of the Logos depends on the creative imagination and labor of humanity to give it shape and substance. It has been said that we are the ‘hands and feet’ of the Kingdom of Souls here on Earth. Perhaps the joyful call we are sensing is the registering of an inspiration to create a masterpiece that is not confined to canvas or marble but encompasses and utilizes the entire world.

The building of a New Civilization infused with the qualities of the Soul is an artwork of the highest order. The full flowering of this daring vision may take several hundreds or thousands of years to accomplish but the time to sow the seeds and to prepare the soil is definitely now.

Creating the right psychological soil conditions within the human family to receive the fiery Seed of New Possibilities requires the practice of a spiritual horticulture that neutralizes the acidity of criticism and hatred and adds the beneficial and enriching elements of joy, compassion, respect and goodwill.

Through this pragmatic and spiritual approach we are helping to lay the foundations of the desired new world and deliver on the Divine Promise.

Reflections by Michael Lindfield, President of Board of Directors.

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