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Esoteric Advent

“Throughout the Universe, it is the Soul which is the conscious, sensitive theme of the divine Plan.” ‘Esoteric Advent’ is the advent of the Soul – the Christ in us – pouring through all the Kingdoms of nature.

The Christmas season is a time when Cosmic Love is birthing new Consciousness in concert with our planetary cycles.‘Esoteric Advent’ is a ‘living design’ intended to bring higher spiritual realities into daily living for “participating Souls”. As one long breath of God nurturing and bringing forth the Soul in all things, it is intended to bring forth the Soul in ever greater measure—the human Soul, the group Soul and the Soul of Humanity. An intense inner need to restore Christmas to its spiritual purpose and distant origins—its beauty, its light and magic, its sacred lighted rituals, contemplations, and prayers and invocations to the Christ, the Holy Mother and the Spiritual Hierarchy—the Kingdom of Souls Who are the Heart Center of God, ‘Esoteric Advent’ was called into Being to facilitate deep inner experiences and felt contact with spiritual Reality.

More than an annual ritual celebration of the coming of the Light and the birth of Christ two thousand years ago, our work today is to bring to birth the Christ in all of us – a birth of new Light and Love and higher Will—each year on a higher turn of the spiral as all that has been nurtured throughout the spiritual year brings to birth and fruition greater awakenings and expansions in Consciousness, making of us truer servers in the world so that the Soul of Humanity can come forth in ever greater measure, strength, visibility and shining beauty.

Drawing upon the Ageless Wisdom teachings, we enter ‘sacred space’. Participating Souls form a group on the inner planes, the Soul Star Group. In “unanimous and simultaneous meditation” we become a chalice for the “gift waves of the Christ” to lift and aid Humanity and a new and more sacred world coming into being.

Halina Bak-Hughes, impressed and inspired to create Esoteric Advent, and together with Sheldon Hughes serve as hosts and facilitators of this world-wide group ritual. They are life-long students, and teachers, of the Ageless Wisdom, and serve as Members of the Board of Meditation Mount.

To participate, go to and click on the RSVP tab to register your name and location for group participation.

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