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International Leadership Program in Brazil

Meditation Mount is pleased to share with our community a great learning and development experience for young people from all over the globe (from 18-35 years old) who want to engage in potentializing their inner talents and make an authentic contribution to the challenges we face today in the world. The International Leadership Program was a transformative 12-day program based on the principles of psychosynthesis and Roberto Assagioli, whose work was the inspiration behind Meditation Mount.

Promoted by a British NGO and affiliated with the UN, the WYSE International program has been held annually since 1988 and hundreds of young people from more than 110 countries have taken part in it.

From January 6th to 17th, 2017, the program took place in Espaço Natureza Arco Íris, outside Sao Paulo, Brazil. Activities were conducted in English.

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