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Joyful Expectancy

Surveying the social skies, it is sometimes hard to find a silver lining in the dark clouds amassing and encircling our world. Wherever we turn, global media outlets are transmitting a constant and disheartening litany of woes that obscure the bright spots arising in the collective psyche.

However, contrary to this bleak picture, there is much to celebrate my friend for the good news is that you and I are pregnant. We are carrying the promised child of a brighter future in our hearts, swaddled in the vivacious dreams and aspirations of the awakening Soul of Humanity. No amount of outer gloom can dampen the joyful expectancy that accompanies this birth. So how did we get pregnant? Whenever a soul says YES and chooses to wholeheartedly engage in Life as a force for good, the seed of spirit enters the womb of the heart and is quickened by each act of kindness and caring. The culmination of this sublime gestation process is a resplendent flowering and fostering of goodwill on Earth. Goodwill is the natural urge of the soul to love and serve unconditionally.

In these uncertain times of dissolution and destruction it is good to remind each other that Life is Eternal, while its forms of expression are temporal. The ceaseless cycles of death and re-birth carry the irrefrangible human spirit forward on a wave of continuous renewal. As one epoch dies, another one arises and, passing through the necessary painful passage of labor, makes its appearance as the latest incarnation of the timeless Soul of Humanity. The world is expecting and we are called to be skillful midwives assisting in the delivery of our own spiritual birth.

Expectancy is not a fraught episode of pacing the floor or passively waiting for something to happen – it is a dynamic state of patient joy that moves ahead with surety and steadfastness because we know deep down in our spiritual bones that the burgeoning of the essential seed is inevitable and fully guaranteed.

The consummation of the marriage of spirit and matter (heaven and earth) is a child called ‘consciousness’. Just as the electric light is produced by the creative tension generated between positive and negative poles, human consciousness is sparked in a similarly dynamic way. The light that is liberated through the bi-polar tension of the Masculine and Feminine principles inside the sacred container of the human experience, has been called the Christic Light or Christ Consciousness – the true Sun (or Son) of creation.

This nomenclature precedes Christianity by millennia and is therefore not the property of any one religion or philosophy. ‘Christ Consciousness’ refers to the radiant Light of the Human Soul when it has fully blossomed.

Various cultures and religions around the world are standing in a state of great expectation – awaiting the emergence of a Divine Presence who will act as the Light of the World. Whether it be a particular branch of Islam anticipating the Imam Mahdi (who disappeared, remains hidden and will reappear to bring justice to the world), the advent of Lord Maitreya in the Buddhist tradition, the sought-after Messiah of the Jewish people or the imminent return of Christ for Christians, the human heart yearns for an exemplar to show up on the big stage of Life and lead the way from darkness to light and from the unreal to the Real.

The eventual appearance of such an Avatar heralding New Life on Earth depends largely on the degree to which you and I can bring our inner seeds of Light to fruition – thus fashioning the right conditions for this greater revelation of Light.

Note to Self: It may be prudent to schedule a pre-natal check-up with the soul to ensure a healthy birth. For the best possible outcome, please see that the heart is kept open and loving, the mind clear and receptive and the daily demeanor is one of joyful expectancy.

All human life has its seasons, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. Winter, after all, does not last forever, does it? There is summer, too, and spring, though sometimes when branches stay dark and the earth cracks with ice, one thinks they will never come, that spring, that summer, but they do, and always. — Truman Capote

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