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Liberation to All Beings

The Sun has entered Cancer as part of its continuous cosmic procession and we are being infused right now with the subtle qualities of this constellation. Cancer is a space of birth and incarnation and offers us the opportunity of bringing ideas into form. The spiritual motto for this astrological sign is: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.” So what kind of ‘inner house’ do you and I currently inhabit?

Do we live in an abode that is full of light, one that is dappled with shadows or possibly a dwelling that is steeped in darkness and haunted by a sense of meaninglessness and sadness? Whatever house may be our primary residence, it has been created and conditioned by our thoughts and emotions and by the relationship we have with our ‘inner self’, others and the world around us.

The Tibetan teacher DK tells us that one of the most important tasks of our age is to, “free the prisoners of the planet.” For many, houses have become prisons with walls reinforced by fear and windows barred by a negation of the essential divinity that lives within each human heart.

Those of you familiar with the movie ‘The Matrix’ will recall that world as being a construct of projections and programming and that until the inhabitants wake up to the fact that each is the programmer who can re-code their lives so that it corresponds to Reality, the population remains prisoners of the illusory web that has been woven. So how do we re-code and re-program our lives to change the restricting story and free ourselves from the confines of the insidious prison of the senses?

The ‘Get Out of Prison’ card the Buddha has offered us is one of liberation by overcoming the causes of suffering through practicing non-attachment and by walking the Noble Eight-fold Path. What this means in our everyday life could be something as simple as seeing every encounter and event as a classroom in which to learn and give; by not taking ourselves too seriously and thus reducing our negative reactions or by understanding that we are temporary stewards of what we own so we are not possessed by our own possessions. It is up to us to discover the key that will unlock the prison door and allow us to enter the freedom that our soul needs to express its gifts.

May the temporary prison, to which humanity has sentenced itself, become a lighted house full of the promise of a brighter future. May we play our part in illuminating the ‘house of humanity’ by freeing the prisoners of the planet.

Liberation to All Beings North – South – East – West – Above – Below Liberation to All Beings

(image courtesy Tambako The Jaguar / CC2.0)

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