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Navigating by the Light of the Soul – Part two

Let us begin with a brief recap. Last month in the first part of this essay, we postulated that humanity has reached an evolutionary watershed moment – a critical collective choice point where we can either continue to be entrapped and suffocated in materialism or we can dare to liberate ourselves from the prison of fear and separation and seek freedom from our unhealthy addiction to physical, emotional and mental fixations and attachments so the light of our Soul illumines the path ahead.

We emphasized the importance of awakening to the soul in order to provide an inextinguishable source of light that will help us successfully navigate these present times and guide us on the journey of spiritual growth and usefulness in the world.

We noted that it is often difficult to see clearly without the aid of this inner light while immersed in the fog created when the waters of the emotional plane and the fires of our lower desires meet and merge. This psychological weather phenomenon temporarily obscures the inner sun of our Soul and it is this Light of Truth, together with the Fire of Love, that eventually burns away the veiling mists and allows us to stand in the illumined integrity of our sovereign Self from where ‘right discernment and action’ flow unhindered.

We were reminded that the Trans-Himalayan Mystery tradition (the lineage upon which Meditation Mount is founded) indicates the potential demise of humanity can be averted if three ‘truths’ are acknowledged and steadfastly applied each day as guiding principles. These ‘Three Recognitions’ are:

1. The fact of the Soul as our essential nature and a true guiding light in our lives

2. The existence of the Realm of the Soul as an embodied field of over-lighting and

all-embracing leadership, love, and wisdom

3. A Divine Plan that contains the purpose, promise, and destiny of humankind as well as that of the evolving sentient Being we know as planet Earth in the same way a seed contains the promise and pattern of the flower-to-be.

In Part One, our exploration covered the first two ‘recognitions’ and now we are ready to ponder the third. This is the recognition of a Divine Plan – a Cosmic Map – in which our own destiny is intimately interwoven with that of the sentient Earth.

If we are truly being invited to engage as co-creative agents of a divine design and spiritual architecture called The Plan, there is a need to address the implications of saying ‘yes’. Among other things, it raises the question of how the proposition of a pre-determined future can co-exist with the principle of free will without compromising our individual freedom of choice that we hold as a God-given and inviolate right. Is the Divine Plan an unwelcome imposition or a joyful invitation to reveal our own unique contribution in the outworking of a larger Planetary Vision?

There have been times in my life when I’ve resisted any attempt by people or organizations to tell me what I should do. I held fast to my own dreams and desires and claimed the ground upon which I stood. This is typically what transpired while operating from a limited awareness that perceived myself as a separate unit wanting to survive and solely to choose what was best for me. As the journey from ‘I-to-We’ progressed, the initial fear of losing my individuality and right to choose began to diminish and the realization dawned that instead of losing my individuality, I actually was gaining and growing into an expanded sense of self.

So, the answer to the perennial question as to whether we as souls are living a pre-meditated or a meditated life may well be ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. Yes – we are part of a greater pre-destined cosmic purpose and plan and yes, we are invited to be spontaneous in each moment as to how, what and where we contribute our gifts and talents in the collective crafting of a Magnum Opus that constitutes the Life Work of the Creator.

Free will is the ability to choose how best to use my resources in achieving a specific outcome. Once I truly grasp that I am part of an inter-related web of life, then my heartfelt desire is naturally to support the greater good. As we willingly support the health of the whole system, it naturally nourishes all of its constituent parts. If I am indeed, a fractal of the One Life then the Divine Plan is part of my unfolding into greater states of wholeness, identity and embodiment. Life is not demanding anything unreasonable of me. The plan isn’t an order to be obeyed but the compelling call of Life inviting us to share a destiny and a deeper dimension of meaning and belonging.

What if we were to view the emerging global coalition of individuals and groups, whose hearts have been opened to this call to build a brighter future, as creative partners with the many realms and spheres of the Living Planet, both visible and invisible, in manifesting the Dream burning within the Heart and Mind of the Creator. Seen in this light, each of our group endeavors constitute interdependent points of expression and diverse aspects of a grand strategy to materialize the beauty of the Divine Dream. This will ultimately be achieved through a concerted celebration of ‘splendid multiformity’ requiring the active engagement of every living soul in cooperation with the Subtle Worlds.

Just as the carrot seed contains the pattern and promise of the crunchy carrot, so the vision alive in the Planetary Logos contains the pattern and promise of a tangible “heaven on earth”. This pattern is what we are referring to as the Divine Plan. Right now, it is being ‘livestreamed’ into the ethers to ignite our collective human consciousness with new possibilities and mobilize us to action. The promise within any seed can only be shown by being sown and grown and, likewise, the Dream of the Logos depends on the creative imagination and labor of humanity to give it shape and substance. It has been said that, as Souls on Earth, we are the ‘hands and feet’ of God.

David Bohm, the quantum physicist, speaks of an Implicate Order – an endless and ever-expanding process of evolution occurring through phases of ‘enfolding’ and ‘unfolding’. I resonate strongly with Dr Bohm’s insights on ‘how things happen’ as it is a reminder of the lessons Mother Nature taught me as a young gardener about how the beauty of a flower is revealed inside the Garden of Gaia.

Within this horticultural context, I see the ‘enfolded’ universe as a potent promise of the future packed into a particle of infinity that, like the seed, needs to be planted in the fields of time and space in order to fully show its true beauty. Perhaps we can consider our primary task as human beings to be agents entrusted with the ‘unfolding’ of the ‘enfolded universe’ through the cycles and seasons of daily life. In this way, the future is held as an inner promise and a seed-atom of fiery hope that requires our unique artistic touch to give it form. Bringing our focus back to the third recognition, when we view the ‘enfolded’ as containing the pattern to be ‘unfolded’, this inner design correlates to the spiritual architecture we now are calling the Divine Plan.

In the Ageless Wisdom teaching there is a sequence of steps that defines the needed passage from the ‘ideal’ as an idea, to its realization in form: namely, Purpose, Plan and Project. Using esoteric parlance from our lineage, we could say that the Purpose is held by Shamballa, the planetary head center where the ‘Will of God is Known’. This fiery impulse informs the Plan that is registered and held in safe-keeping by the loving wisdom of the Realm of the Soul (the 5th Kingdom) functioning as the planetary heart center. The living blueprint is then transmitted to humanity and as we register and respond to an inner prompting, it becomes a Project for us to carry out in our role as the planetary throat center and instrument of creative expression. A human service project can therefore be seen as a projection from the realm of Higher Purpose, that is received and envisioned by the Realm of Souls as the Plan and inner architecture from which all temporal forms of expression are precipitated and constructed.

This three-fold approach is an accurate outline of the principles and protocols of Creative Meditation for bringing ideas into manifestation through the occult fact that “energy follows thought”. The Creative Meditation process is scalar in nature and applies equally to a person, a planet or to the whole Cosmos. If we look at our own ecosystem of self to understand how the process works, then Purpose would be the Fire of the Monad – the nuclear core of our Being – that pulses and sounds a note of Will and Intention that is subsequently registered by the Soul as the geometry and pattern of the Plan. The Soul then telepathically radiates the Plan to the personality by inspiring and stimulating its incarnated agent on Earth to creative action so that it initiates a specific Project. Creative Meditation on the Pathways and Principles of the Realm of the Soul is central to Meditation Mount’s mission and work in the world of assisting in the building of a more just and joyful shared future from the ‘inside out’.

Like each one of us, the sacred eco-system we call Planet Earth is also evolving and seeking to fulfill the light-filled promise of its destiny within the greater Solar Family. Evolving lives within evolving lives within evolving lives. Perhaps the joyful call we are sensing as our hearts open more, is the registering of an inspiration to create a masterpiece that is not confined to canvas or marble but encompasses and utilizes the entire world as its studio. The building of a New Civilization infused with the qualities of the Soul is an artwork of the highest order. The full flowering of this Plan and daring vision may take several hundreds or thousands of years to accomplish but the time to sow the seeds and to prepare the soil is definitely now.

Given that each person has the freedom to choose, it is not our place to tell each other what to believe in and do or what not to believe in and not do. We can simply extend an invitation for mutual inquiry and reflection so that, together, we may discover what is true and helpful in relation to the important challenges and opportunities facing us and then do something about it.

It feels appropriate to complete this two-part essay with an affirmation of spiritual identity – reflecting the essential elements of the Three Recognitions – that was given to Dr Roberto Assagioli (the inspiration behind Meditation Mount) by his Teacher, the Master DK. It is intended to evoke the eternal Light of the Soul so that it may act as a trusted navigational aid in leading us through the present darkness enveloping the close of one era and into the lighted promise of a new day.

I am a messenger of Light,

I am a pilgrim on the way of Love.

I do not walk alone but know myself

As one with all Great Souls

And one with Them in service.

Their strength is mine,

This strength I claim.

My strength is Theirs

And this I freely give.

A soul, I walk on Earth,

I represent the One.

Michael Lindfield

Meditation Mount

Board President

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