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Path of Self-Discovery and Service to Humanity

Self-discovery? Who are we? Are we nothing – an empty vessel that needs to be fed from the inside and filled with meaning through external events and objects?

Are we a Divine Seed that holds the promise of its own destiny deep within its heart and only needs to be sown and grown in the right conditions for the spirit to quicken, grow and finally flower?

Meditation is a tool of ‘revelation’ – it helps reveal that which is our essential divinity. Let me return to that theme in a moment.

There is not such thing as empty space. This room is filled with energy waves and subtle frequencies that carry information about the living system in which we “live and move and have our being”. If you don’t believe me then turn on a television or a radio and listen and see what is being communicated non-stop within the ethers.

All of our discoveries and inventions over the years are simply the outer manifestations of an inner timeless reality. For instance, the lens of the telescope reduces distance and brings us closer whereas the inner lens of the soul bridges time and space in an instant and brings us into oneness with whatever we focus on; Radio and television allow us to transmit and receive messages and images over distance whereas their inner correspondence telepathy puts us in touch and allows us to communicate soul-to-soul.

The internet allows us to go on-line and be part of a living system of communication and relationship and this technology reflects the inner reality of a collective field of consciousness that links us all to each other. This could be the ‘noospshere’ – the realm of the global mind surrounding the planet that Teilhard de Chardin spoke about.

Many of now have smart phones – hand-held devices that connect us with people, places and events around the world. All we have to do is to switch on our smart phones to activate this global communication. So in a corresponding manner, let us view ourselves as “smart people” who simply need to be activated in the correct way in order to both receive messages and knowledge as well as transmit our own thoughts. So what is the Operating System that runs our own process of spiritual communication? How do “smart people” get on-line with Life?

We could view Meditation as a Spiritual Operating System – away of being on-line with the living system that we call the One Life. The email addresses of various beings that inhabit our Universe are simply their ‘core identity’ that is encoded as a frequency signature. Meditation comes in many varieties and disciplines. Creative Meditation (our tradition and practice at Meditation Mount) has several components – each with its specific function – that we might view as Applications.

Just as my smart phone has specific applications for accessing the latest weather and traffic information as well as world news, there are Apps available for the Creative Meditation Operating System that we can download right here and now for self-development and service to others:

Concentration: This is the practice of coming into resonance with the heart and mind through an act of focused stillness

Reflective Meditation: This is the holding of a seed thought that allows us to pierce to the core of meaning through ther agency of the higher mind

Receptive Meditation: This includes, inner silence, contemplation and awakening of the intuition

Prayer: This practice utilizes the “arrow of higher desire” that is loosed from the bow of the heart to fulfill a perceived need

Imagination: This is the process of taking an idea or an ideal from the inner realms and propelling it into action. This is done primarily through Visualization

Affirmation: Uses the Will to re-inforce either an already existing or a new desired reality

Invocation/Evocation: The art and science of creating ‘living thought forms’ which are the magnetic seed ideas of new possibilities made up of a balanced fusion of thought, feeling, imagination and will

Telepathic Radiation and Blessing: This is the act of giving out what we have received in service and blessing to our world. We send out the energies, qualities or the seed ideas into the subtle realms that surround the Earth so that they may infuse this ‘spiritual bio-sphere’ with new possibilities and help create the right conditions for our deepest aspirations to be realized and manifested

Self-discovery comes through engaging in life. One spiritual teacher stated that: “Service is the greatest healer and teacher”. We discover ourselves through relationships and not through a single focus on our self. Relationship with our soul, with other fellow humans, with the other life-forms that co-inhabit the planet, with the denizens of the subtle realms. Relationship is the divine strategy for the evolution of consciousness. By giving of ourselves and losing ourselves in serving others, we find ourselves in a new way. The only way to have something is to be willing to let go and by giving it away. That which is true remains.

Sao Paulo Presentation Notes (2013)

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