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World Psychosynthesis Day

Meditation Mount’s Board of Directors joyfully shares in the celebration of World Psychosynthesis Day. Psychosynthesis was developed by Dr. Roberto Assagioli – a leading pioneer of the 20th century in the field of psychology and spiritual development – who was also the primary source of inspiration and guidance for the spreading of Creative Meditation and the founding of Meditation Mount.

In June 2012 at the International Psychosynthesis Conference in Rome, a booklet entitled, ‘The Group for Creative Meditation – Another Roberto Assagioli Legacy’ was given to all participants to show how these two streams are complementary and can be seen as ‘sisters in service’.

The following correspondence from the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Florence gives the background and purpose for celebrating World Psychosynthesis Day.

Dear Friends –

As many of you know, on September 20 we celebrate World Psychosynthesis Day. This is a special day in the year when we have the chance to link and celebrate the spirit and message of Psychosynthesis.

The date was chosen during the recent 2016 International Conference of Psychosynthesis that took place in Taormina. It symbolizes the unity of purpose of all centers, groups and individuals in the world that resonate with the message of Psychosynthesis.

It feels as if the moment is right to acquire more awareness of being part of a greater energetic movement initiated by Roberto Assagioli, to feel that as Psychosynthesis practitioners or friends we belong to only one individuality which expresses the intuition of Roberto Assagioli in many different ways, but the Oneness lies in its essence.

We invite all groups, centers and individuals that resonate with this idea to join us, in any way you find it constructive and helpful to disseminate the idea. Many groups around the world will be holding a special meeting for the event. The card displays an image from an Assagioli manuscript that has been the source of inspiration for this initiative. Please feel free to circulate it and spread the word to your coworkers, friends and contacts in your social media pages.

The paper, presented during the 2016 International Conference, will be published in the October issue of the Journal of Psychosynthesis of the Institute.

The victory of humanistic principles and spiritual values, the development of mutual comprehension and of appreciation and cooperation among individuals, groups of different kinds, peoples and continents. This would lead to the creation of a new culture and world civilization, to which peoples and groups could contribute freely and that could constitute the awaited New Age. (Roberto Assagioli)

– Istituto di Psicosintesi, Firenze

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