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Reflections: On-line Living

Most of us go on-line each day through our computers, smart phones and other hand-held devices in order to check email messages and use search engines to gather information on various subjects that interest us.

But what if we could go on-line and connect with an even greater source of information and wisdom than Google and access a network of communication far clearer and far more extensive than any 4G network plan offered by our local provider. The good news is that this new technology is available to us now for free and it is called Meditation. Meditation is the ancient science of spiritual approach and smart technology at its most refined. Meditation connects and activates our power of intuition and this intuition is like a search-engine that instantly accesses the wisdom of the soul. The practice of meditation allows us to build a resonant bridge of connectivity with our soul or Higher Self so that its guiding influence can inform and direct our daily lives.

Just as our smart phones have specific applications for accessing the latest weather, traffic information and world news, the many techniques and practices of meditation are applications that can be downloaded from the Inner App Store of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings for self-development and service to others. Meditation is the communications system linking the invisible realms with the visible world.

Meditation, however, is not just a tool of inner communication, it is also a technology for creating a new world together. We know that ‘energy follows thought’ and so the focused use of the group heart and mind combined is a powerful agent for imagining and shaping new ideas that then form the spiritul architecture for building a better future based on those universal principles that benefit all life. This is the core work of Meditation Mount.

Meditation Mount Newsletter – March, 2014 Issue

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