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Shaping Our Future

It can be somewhat confusing at times to make sense of the vast array of meditative methods and practices being proffered on our smart phones and computer screens. Social media is awash with all manner of offerings promising to make us feel more relaxed, at peace and enlightened.

Creative Meditation is central to the work of Meditation Mount and it differs from other practices because it is performed as a service to humanity. Its primary focus is building a preferred new world based on the Laws and Principles of the Soul rather than the goal of personal spiritual gain. Spiritual growth is the natural result of a life of service. Creative Meditation is a distillation of the Ageless Wisdom teaching’s approach to manifesting inspirations and ideas in useful forms – of making the invisible dreams visible and tangible in service of the Common Good. Simply put, it is the process of precipitating a desired future by building magnetic thought-forms (those energetic templates imprinted with our collective aspirations) and then clothing them in mental, emotional and physical substance by employing a suite of tools and techniques that include visualization, concentration, affirmation, reflection and telepathic radiation.

Meditation Mount offers an online course on Creative Meditation in English, Spanish and French (via PDF downloads), for those who wish to learn this transformative way of life and needed set of skills.

Musing on this meditative practice, the following thoughts and images come to mind:

We shape the needed ‘thought-forms’ of a new world waiting to be born out of the stuff of dreams that live within the Heart and Mind of the Planetary Life.

Like an artist takes the clay of earth and shapes it with skillful fingers on the turning potter’s wheel to bring forth a form that is of use and of beauty, so on those deep levels of consciousness, we shape the substance of the Planetary Dream with the subtle hands of our collective imagination upon the turning wheel of time so that new possibilities may emerge.

The form, however, is not fully complete until it has danced in the Fire. The potter places the newly shaped earthenware into a kiln and only when the right temperature and duration of the firing have been reached does the form reveal its true glazed splendor and usefulness.

Likewise, it is only when the forms of our creative imagination are placed in the Sacrificial Fire of a Higher Will and Purpose and tested in the crucible of daily life that the work is finished and the truth, goodness and beauty of our labor is ultimately revealed.

Life takes shape through us as we open ourselves to inspired impression, register the seed ideas held within the Divine Dream and then fashion them into useful forms of living through the agency of the creative mind and the loving heart.

This is our destiny as artisans – to shape and reveal the promise of a brighter future by actively participating in the ritual of continuous renewal that is the hallmark of our never-ending story of creation.

With the current state of global turbulence caused by the dissolution of the familiar, the most positive contribution we can make during this period of disillusionment is to begin building this new world of our collective dreams based on the shared qualities of the soul.

Deep and lasting change will only occur when we address the causal level of our problems and create a new spiritual architecture that has a different set of values and outcomes. Instead of spending all of our energy bandaging the broken bones of a failing society we need to have compassion for the pain and suffering in the world while mobilizing all of our spiritual power and passion to shape a future more in keeping with the highest ideals and aspirations of the human spirit.

Meditation Mount is a co-founder of the International Association for Creative Meditation (IACM) which recently launched a new website to serve the increasing number of people who wish to become a more powerful ‘force for good’ in the world.

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