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Taking the Long Way Home

In those periodic times of personal doubt, disorientation and quiet desperation it can feel as though we are taking the long and winding way home with no real end in sight. Lost in the mists, we implore the heavens to tell us just how much longer this particular passage will last and whether the sun will ever shine again and pierce the dark clouds temporarily obscuring the light of our Soul.

Living in these turbulent and fast-paced times it is all too easy to lose perspective of what our life is really about. Buried in life’s daily details it is difficult to appreciate how we fit into a greater scheme of meaning and creative expression. Our lives are not petty and meaningless, they are cosmic in scope and despite all the daily indications to the contrary, we are each part of a grand outworking of Truth, Goodness and Beauty. We are sacred fractals of the One Life and our deep history is interwoven with the great Story of Creation.

These musings retell this collective story.


THE ONE slumbered through the Cosmic Night in a state of un-knowing and dream-like amorphous Unity. The I AM sensed but did not know Itself…

And with the dawn of a new Cosmic Day, it stirred and stretched and dreamily imagined infinite possibilities as the Desire-To-Be burned deep within its heart.

Then through an Act of Will, THE ONE fractured itself into a million pieces and sent them on their way into the fields of time and space as pilgrims on a journey of self-discovery. “Having pervaded the Universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain.”

Over time, the separated parts awoke, looked around and beheld others: never realizing the true nature of this ‘other’. Inside the encapsulation of the separated Self, each aspect experienced the power of the isolated ‘I’. Through a series of relationships with that which lay outside, an identity of a ‘me and you’ was born.

With faltering steps, the I AM THAT made its painful and persistent progress along the Path. The long journey of ceaseless striving for Humanity as the Prodigal Son had now begun in earnest.

Deep within the heart of the separated Self, a Cry for Wholeness welled up and issued forth. Slowly the parts began to see themselves in each other until an understanding dawned within the consciousness of the fractured body of Humanity that there is no ‘other’: there is only the One Soul.

Imagine the euphoria of this Spiritual Homecoming coursing through the group field as the soul whispers in our inner ear:

“There is no inside or outside, no me or you, no above or below for the mind to grasp – there is only a sublime state of at-one-ness suffused with joy and permeated with a profound and fiery love that knows no bounds.”

The Mystery of Being registers and awakens in the human heart through a deep co-resonant communion with that Presence we call Christ Consciousness – the Heart of Hearts – dwelling within each human heart as the seed and promise of our true Self.

Then finally, when the day has come, the I AM THAT I AM will emerge as THE ONE WHO KNOWS ITSELF AS ONE WITH ITSELF: a result of all the probations, trials and weary steps taken throughout the ages upon the long and thorny Path of Self-Realization.

The secret of this ultimate re-Union is hidden in the words: “Synthesis IS but Unity must be created.” Lives within Lives, wheels within wheels and journeys within journeys: all in constant communication and co-creative communion.

Everything is a Sacred Fractal of the One Life. Everything is Essentially Divine.


There is one simple way of accelerating our progress on the path of service and spiritual growth and it begins with the opening of the heart. The heart is a magnificent organ of connectivity, receptivity and radiation that is in constant resonance with the Presence at the Heart of the Great Mystery. This Presence is the Fire of Love that pervades and sustains all of Creation.

The Agni Yoga teaching boldly declares: “The heart tirelessly throbs and pulsates lest people forget it. The heart is the most tender, the most intense, the most responsive to that which is near and most far. The magnet of the heart is the synthesis of all subtle energies.”

This open and loving heart is the necessary earthly hearth that we must construct to safely house the Cosmic Fire of Love. A useful first step is to place the mind in the center of the heart and affirm that from this inner union will be born the compassionate mind and the illumined heart so needed to bring warmth and light to our fellow travelers on the path.

Note to Self: Any time that clouds descend and dim the view of my companions and the road ahead and I feel stranded a long, long way from home, I will breathe gently from the heart, give thanks for the gift of Life and remember that: “Home is where the Heart is.”

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