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The Creative Power of Thought

The Universal Mind is said to be an infinite and omniscient field of potency and possibility that holds and gives birth to all Creation. Each of us, through daily alignment with the Soul, can function to some degree as a vital outpost of this vast Creative Field of generation and continuous regeneration. We are being called to become more active partners in the infinite dance of creation.

A key to understanding the dynamics of creation through the agency of a focused and directed mind is contained in the spiritual axiom: “Energy follows thought.” This attestation is central to understanding the limitless power that we wield together in shaping a more caring and brighter future. As we focus the lens of the mind, conceive of an idea and then project it into the surrounding ethers, it becomes a magnetic seed-thought that attracts to it all the necessary elements required to manifest. This inner process is summed up in the spiritual aphorism: “Potency produces precipitation.” Utilizing the power of thought – qualified and conditioned by a compassionate heart – constitutes the art and science of Creative Meditation. Meditation Mount is a center dedicated to Creative Meditation – a practice rooted in the Ageless Wisdom teaching that invites us to access, harness and employ the collective power of the human heart-mind to shape and call forth a new way of living together. This preferred future needs be built on a sure and solid foundation that is more in resonance with the qualities of the Soul than the world we have currently constructed and in which we labor and learn. We hold that the corner-stones of the new foundation will be the Principles of Essential Divinity, Goodwill and Unanimity.

Meditation is a word widely used nowadays that has a broad spectrum of meaning and interpretation as it expresses through our many spiritual traditions and lineages. Let me offer a way of describing meditation in general terms before honing in on the principles and practice of Creative Meditation here at the Mount.

Meditation can be seen as an ancient science of spiritual approach – it is ‘smart spiritual technology’ at its most refined. Meditation connects with and activates our power of intuition and allows access to the wisdom of the soul. The daily practice of meditation helps build a resonant bridge of connectivity with our Higher Self so that its guiding influence can inform and direct our daily lives.

We go on-line each day with our computers and smart phones to check messages and utilize search engines to gather information on subjects of interest. But what if we are able to go on-line and connect with an even greater source of information and knowledge than Google and Wikipedia by accessing a universal reservoir of wisdom? What if we are already connected to a network far clearer than any 5G plan offered by our internet provider? The good news is meditation is a much safer and more reliable technology that is readily available and comes free of charge. The invitation and generous offer is to ‘meditate and go online with your soul’.

Meditation, however, is not just a tool of communication with the ‘inner realms’, it is also an advanced technology for creating a new future together. As mentioned earlier, ‘energy follows thought’ and so the combined use of the group heart and mind functions as a powerful agent for imagining and shaping new ideas that form the spiritual architecture for building a better future based on universal principles that benefit all life. The core work of Meditation Mount is captured in the phrase, “Group Meditation in Service to Humanity”.

Through the practice of Creative Meditation, we transmit energies and qualities into the subtle realms surrounding Earth so that the ‘spiritual bio-sphere’ may be infused with seed-ideas of new possibilities and our deepest aspirations be realized and manifested. Creative Meditation is the art of creating potent ‘living thought forms’ that are beneficial to the evolution of all life. These thought-forms are the magnetic seed ideas of new possibilities – made up of a balanced fusion of thought, feeling, imagination and will. With each broadcast of the inner seeds, our deepest aspirations and dreams carrying the potent message of a New Story, enter the fields of time and space to be sown and grown. The magnetized seeds require the fertile field of a collective heart-mind to germinate, take root, and blossom. This New Story seeking to be born on Earth through the vehicle of creative thought of a better and brighter future is constantly being beamed from the Soul of Humanity. Each of us is a powerful creator and whatever story we tell ourselves and repeat is ordained to become the daily reality in which we then ‘live and move and have our being’. There is another important perspective that can be shared on the power of thought by reporting on a survey conducted several years ago at 35,000 feet. I have traveled extensively over the years and spent many hours aloft with a cross-section of humanity. My observations in wandering the aisles of airplanes, noting which in-flight movies were being watched, revealing that a majority of the offerings were steeped in violence and carried dystopian undertones that painted a dire and disturbing picture of our collective future. The phantasmagoric images portrayed on the screens were products of ‘special effects’ that used Computer Generated Images (CGI). As we sit and imbibe these dark projections, they can all too easily imprint themselves on the screen of the mind and subtly sway and condition life unless we are fully awake and aware.

The New Story, however, does not depend on Computer Generated Images – it calls instead for Soul Generated Images (SGI) to shape a myriad of new light-filled possibilities that are unfettered and free from fear, prejudice and other limitations of the past.

Our dreams and longings of better things to come are the magnetic messengers of a preferred future that need to be nourished and brought to life through purposeful, loving and intelligent activity. Invariably, a vision without action remains a daydream while action devoid of vision and compassion runs the risk of turning into an endless nightmare. There appears to be a disconnect in our understanding of the personal implications and ramifications of the universal law of cause and effect. We are told, “We reap what we sow” and so perhaps we are now paying the price for our actions.

Unfortunately, the human family has not yet fully understood the direct correlation between thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and the present state of the environment. The extreme world-wide weather conditions of the past few years will hopefully provide a timely wake-up call to examine the link between how we comport ourselves and the state of the world. What if the psychological climate of the collective psyche is directly reflected in the weather patterns? Is it possible that where there is a state of psychological imbalance, extremism and dis-harmony, a corresponding state of imbalance, disrupted rhythms and extreme weather is a natural consequence?”

At the recent COP27 gathering in November 2022, hosted by the Arab Republic of Egypt at Sharm El-Sheikh, nations were invited to address the climate crisis by taking meaningful and immediate measures to reduce harmful emissions. Promises were made and yet there is no guarantee that singular national interests will not over-ride the called-for actions intended to serve the whole of life on this fair planet. However, we don’t have to wait for the nations. We as Gaians can take immediate and direct action in addressing the environmental crisis. What if each of us responded to the challenge to drastically reduce the toxic emissions churned out by the factory of our mind? By taking responsibility for cleaning up our ‘eco-system of Self’ – that personal universe of lives for which we have been entrusted stewardship responsibilities – we would make a real and positive difference to the well-being of our terrestrial home. This source of pollution is definitely within our power to remedy.

Every thought and feeling produces an ‘energetic impulse’ – creating a corresponding chemical that upon reaching a point of precipitation, shows up in our physical body as an ailment or in the ecology of Earth as an imbalance and an environmental crisis. We find intolerable the release of noxious industrial waste that poisons our atmosphere, oceans and land yet seldom stop to think of the daily individual acts of pollution that we may also have instigated each time we think in separatist and prejudicial ways about others or act violently towards the many creatures of the sea, land and air with whom we share this fair earth.

Every derogatory thought or negative emotion transmitted equates to a poisonous release into the ethers and has the same destructive effect as any harmful chemical would have on the physical world. Whenever our hearts and minds are filled with hate towards others, we spew out harmful particulates. The psychological climate of our planet is being adversely affected by these emissions and if we had the capacity to scan the mental horizons of our collective consciousness, we would perceive dark thought-forms and emotionally-charged particles clouding the inner skies. This acid rain cloud of the human psyche is a powerful corrosive force eating away at the social and moral fabric of our world. We need to clean up our act!

Clean-up on the mental level asks us to establish a field of pure thought that is always in service of the common good and free from the contamination of hatred, separative thinking and divisive opinions.

Clean-up of our emotional body is achieved when these ‘astral waters’ are no longer polluted by negative feelings that cloud and contaminate and end up poisoning both the psychic and physical oceans and waterways that we share with other lives.

What will it actually take to create a society infused with soul qualities where the spirit of caring and sharing prevails? At Meditation Mount, we believe it will be brought about through the regenerative power of thought that utilizes the heart and higher mind. As its incarnated agents and artisans, we have been commissioned by the Soul of Humanity to paint and shape a new reality through imagination and creative thinking.

This task is the Magnum Opus of our time and marks the ultimate artistic challenge for our civilization. The fiery promise and hope-filled dreams of a more just and joyful future burn in the heart of humanity and await the touch of our collective genius.

Michael Lindfield Board President Meditation Mount

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