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The Creative Power of Thought – January 22, 2023

Our theme is: The Creative Power of Thought. 

The Universal Mind is said to be an infinite and omniscient field of potency and possibility that holds and gives birth to all creation. Each of us, through daily alignment with the Soul, can function as a vital outpost of this vast Creative Field of generation and continuous regeneration. We are being called to become more active partners in this timeless dance of creation.

We will explore the principles, practices and processes whereby the ineffable purpose and potential of the One Life is called into manifestation through the focused and applied power of thought in close cooperation with the wisdom and compassion of the heart. The spiritual axiom, “Energy follows thought” is central to understanding the limitless creative power that we can wield together in shaping a society that is more in resonance with the qualities of the Soul than the world we have currently constructed and in which we presently labor and learn.

The extreme world-wide weather conditions of the past few years give us a timely opportunity to examine the direct correlation between our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and the state of the global environment and climate crisis. What if the psychological climate of the collective psyche is reflected in the weather patterns? Is it possible that where there is a state of psychological imbalance, extremism and dis-harmony, a corresponding state of imbalance, disrupted rhythms and extreme weather is a natural consequence?

Meditation Mount is a center dedicated to Creative Meditation – a practice rooted in the Ageless Wisdom teaching that invites us to learn the needed skills of accessing, harnessing and utilizing the collective power of the human heart-mind to shape and call forth a new way of living together. This preferred future needs be built on a sure and solid foundation that, among other qualities, includes the Principles of Essential Divinity, Goodwill and Unanimity.

We welcome your presence and participation in this online broadcast and group inquiry.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 54:58 Minutes

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