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The Fall and Rise of Society


Life is Eternal while its myriad forms of expression are temporal. The perpetual and cyclical motion of the One Life causes civilizations to rise and fall and ebb and flow over the span of countless aeons.

The creative impulse behind any culture or civilization wave is its mythos – the seed-impulse containing the promise for that particular epoch in the continuous pageant of human evolution. The splendid expression and achievement of the seed-promise, when revealed through the Arts, Science, Philosophy and Governance, marks the Golden Age of any civilization.

Before each new cultural wave breaks on the shore of human consciousness, there is great confusion and chaos as time-honored social and philosophical models that no longer serve begin to crumble and lose their integrity. The new seed-impulse, like a giant tuning fork, sounds its note – inviting a resonant response. That which cannot respond and serve the call of the new dispensation is welcomed by Death in His necessary role as the Great Re-cycler of Forms.

On a personal level each of us faces the challenge of change and in this process of continual birth and death, the first form that often needs to die to clear the way for something new is our own self-image – the picture of who we believe ourselves to be and the identity we wish to project out into the world to give meaning and significance to our lives. This image may no longer correspond to our deep sense of Self but as we have invested so much time and energy in creating and maintaining this projection, we are reluctant to let go of this security blanket.

Collectively, we are in an identity crisis and find ourselves in a world that appears to many to be falling apart. I believe we have two tasks to perform: to relieve the pain and suffering induced by a collapsing society while simultaneously dreaming the dream of a bright new future together.

New forms, to be truly new, must be born out of ‘new thinking’ as the new is not simply a presentation of the old that has been re-painted and polished. New wine needs new bottles.

We need a new mythos: a new creation story to inspire and guide us through the labor pains of the coming birth. The work of Meditation Mount is to participate in the crafting of the new story and the birthing of a civilization based on the qualities of the Soul.

This new collective narrative is shaped using the tools of Creative Meditation: such as Imagination, Affirmation, Receptive and Reflective meditation, Concentration and Telepathic Radiation or Blessing. And the solid foundation, upon which this preferred future stands, are the three spiritual Principles of Essential Divinity – affirming the sacredness of all Creation; Goodwill – acknowledging the inherent goodness of the soul of humanity and Unanimity – the scientific reality of the interdependency of Life.

These founding Principles are then anchored in the pragmatism of daily life through the three Laws of Spiritual Approach – the upward path of striving to our highest potential, Right Human Relations – the natural urge of the soul to connect and commune respectfully with all life and Group Endeavor – the honoring of our interdependency through concerted and wholehearted efforts in support of the Common Good.

As the old falls away, the Soul of Humanity calls out for us to rise together and, in creative partnership with the Subtle Realms, to participate as co-authors in a new story that reveals richer expressions of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

The new story will not be written down on paper or captured in digital form, but will be lived from the heart. On this next turn of the spiral of evolving consciousness, we are invited to live as soul-infused personalities so that the WORD is made flesh.

eternal waves cropped image courtesy Marc Samsom / CC 2.0

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