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The Founder’s Vision – Part 1

Beginning this month we are publishing a series of excerpts from the writings of Florence on her vision for the Mount that were penned in July, 1974.


The work of Meditation Mount (the familiar name of Meditation Groups, Inc. and all of its activities and group endeavors) is to look ahead, to see where humanity is going, to sense the incoming energies, and to prepare for the work that the Plan will require. This vision can be found through soul infused meditation, the study and dissemination of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, and the use of the interpretations by Roberto Assagioli.

Above all, it should be remembered that vision becomes clearer through meditation that quiets the mind and lifts the personality up to the soul level, where the light and love and power flows forth. This is a subjective process. When individuals are on the soul level, they are in group contact, for the soul is always group conscious. The soul is on the way to unity, and when a person gets unity in his or her soul, understanding of the Will of Divinity becomes immediately more clear.

The specific work of the Mount is to bring about the simultaneous and unanimous meditation on the Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. By doing this, great numbers of people will be subjected to potent group interplay on a subjective level and there will begin to emerge the world unity of the Plan.”

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