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View from the Mount: ‘Birthing the Inner Child of Light’ – July 7, 2024

Our theme is: ‘Birthing the Inner Child of Light'. 

It has been stated in ancient spiritual texts that Creation is a Generative Mystery and an ineffable Force that utilizes the dynamic interplay between the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. These two partners and presences represent the twin aspects of a Unified Field - the two poles of a Cosmic Magnet of Creation.

The consummation of their sacred union is how the One Life manifests and reveals Itself in Time and Space – the One through its dual nature as the Two creates the Three which is the lighted offspring of this Communion. This divine progeny is the illumined child of consciousness that enables a profoundly mysterious process to take place by which the One becomes aware of Itself and achieves Self-Realization.

If you and I are fractals of the One Life and ‘creatures of Creation’, then this same universal process of birth and Self-realization is taking place inside us moment by moment. So, what does it mean to give birth to our ‘Inner Child of Light’?

During our time together we will explore this intimate theme through the lens of the Ageless Wisdom teaching and engage in periods of contemplation and meditation together to enable a new understanding to come alive inside our hearts and minds.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 0:56:33 Minutes

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