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The Light of the World


The recent Paris attacks and numerous other atrocities around the world have created an atmosphere of fear and cast a temporary pall upon the prospect of a brighter future. There are dark clouds brewing within the collective psyche. Here is the good news: The antidote to darkness is light. This welcome luminous influx may take the form of a ray of truth exposing the corruption and abuse of power so prevalent in the world or it may show up as indefatigable courage in the face of danger and a smile on the lips of one who, despite being callously persecuted, resolutely refuses to allow their spirit to be stymied by the ignorance and hate of fanaticism.

It only takes one candle to dispel the darkness in any room and so imagine the radiant power created by thousands upon thousands of people who choose to live together in the light of liberation. When you and I dare to “shine our light in the darkness”, we break free of the gravitational pull of fear and are no longer held as ‘prisoners of the planet’. And when the Fire of Love ignites the heart of humanity, an outpouring of light more brilliant than the sun will be generated to reveal the promise and beauty of a new world seeking to be born. This is the eternal promise of Light.

Above the din of degeneration, I distinctly hear a compelling ‘call to arms’ – not the cold metal arms of war but those warm caring arms of compassion and acceptance that embrace suffering and redeem dark places by holding the world and all people in deep love.

Amidst the uncertainty of the present global turmoil it is reassuring to know that the soul is forever vigilant and on active service as a source of Light, Love, Wisdom and Spiritual Power. The hour has come dear friends to draw upon and mobilize this invincible inner force for good and to stand together as the Light of the World.

Michael Lindfield, MGI Board President


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(candlelight cropped image courtesy Courtney Carmody / CC2.0)

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