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The Natural Urge to Create

All that we see around us is the result of a co-creative process of cosmic proportions. The Ageless Wisdom teachings explain that the manifested universe is the Child born out of the consummation of a sacred communion between the Duality of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This Dual Origin, according to the Agni Yoga tradition, constitutes the two poles of a Cosmic Magnet that functions as the primary agent of the Creator in an enduring generative act of Creation.

We could say that the One Unmanifest Life utilizes Its two-fold nature to give birth to Itself. We are also told that inside of us there lives a corresponding magnet – the magnet of the Soul with its component parts of the Feminine and Masculine principles. As ‘divine fractals’, we get to experience the macrocosmic act of Creation inside the microcosm of the human experience.

Creation is the process by which the invisible becomes visible and how the NO-thing appears as the SOME-thing. Creation is the process by which the One shows up as the Many aspects of Itself. This profundity was understood by the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras who declared that, “Everything is contained in everything” and the following statement from the Bhagavad Gita sheds further light on this deep truth.

“Having pervaded the Universe with a fragment of Myself, yet I remain”.

That aspect of the One Life which ‘remains’ and exists everywhere and everywhen, is known as God Transcendent and that aspect of the One that now lives inside the focused and particular world of the Many is referred to as God Immanent. It is the dynamic dance between the Transcendent and the Immanent that gives rise to the evolution of consciousness and the journey of self-realization – described in the ancient prayer, The Gayatri, as leading from “darkness to light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to immortality.”

Here in North America, an Abenaki legend held by the Keepers in the Blackfoot Nation also reflects this universal theme:

“The Great Spirit, in a time not known to us looked about and saw nothing. No colors, no beauty. Time was silent in darkness. There was no sound. Nothing could be seen or felt. The Great Spirit decided to fill this space with light and life.”

Viewed from a macro-perspective, we are part of a great cosmic experiment to see if the fragmented One Life can, by its own volition, freely choose to make its way back to a greater realized state of pre-existing wholeness. We may wish to see ourselves as holographic representatives of the One Life traveling the long and winding return journey Home.

The story of the creation of the Universe and the Dance of the Divine Duality may seem somewhat removed and distant from the chores and challenges of daily life until we realize that it is seeking to play out at every opportunity in our lives. We are being invited to wake up and participate in continuous process of regeneration as fractals of the One Life. Each of us is invited to explore the mystery of the Divine Union through the agency of our many relationships. The intimate relationship with our Essential Self and with those around us forms the learning lab in which the elements of Creation are experienced first-hand in the microcosm of the human experience.

We are embarked on an awesome journey of self-realization through relationship – a journey that spans the spectrum from procreation to co-creation in search of a ‘more perfect union’ with Life. This ‘perfect union’ is a result of the marriage of the twin aspects of our innate masculine and feminine parts. The quest for meaning and belonging, together with the question of “Who am I?”, generates the dynamo and inner propellant that moves us onward and upward upon the spiral path of evolution.

The search for our True Identity involves figuring out who we are, where we fit in and what we have to offer. Gender issues and gender identity are front and center today in the exploration to discover, uncover and recover our sense of Self. We are presently inside a collective ‘identity crisis’ – a struggle being played out in homes and communities all over the world. Some people feel very much at home in the skins in which they were born while others believe they are wearing earthly clothes that do not resonate and correspond with their inner sense of Self. Many young people cannot identify exclusively with either a male or a female body and have declared themselves to be gender-neutral and gender-fluid. These intimate expressions of Self represent the various outer manifestations of our inner quest for meaning and belonging.

Whatever color we relate to and wherever we stand on the rainbow continuum of preference and choice, the Ageless Wisdom teaching explains that inside each one of us we share the same geometry of spirit: namely, a divine duality of the masculine and feminine qualities. Conjoining and bringing these two parts of our Essential Nature into a dynamic balance, out of which our unique gifts can freely flow, is the immediate task if we are to become the destined co-creators and divine artisans of Life.

Something new and more joyful is seeking to be born through us. You and I are pregnant – carrying the promised child of a brighter future in our hearts that is swaddled in the hope-filled dreams and aspirations of the awakening Soul of Humanity. I sense the presence of a Greater Love knocking on the door and seeking to enter our Earthly realm. Unconditional Love is the child desiring to be birthed inside the womb of an open and loving heart and no amount of outer gloom caused by the darkness of current world conditions can dampen the joyful expectancy that accompanies this pending revelation.

So how did we get pregnant? Whenever we say YES and choose to wholeheartedly engage in Life as a Force for Good, the seed of spirit enters the fecund soil and womb of the heart and is quickened by each act of kindness and caring. The culmination of this sublime gestation process is a resplendent flowering and fostering of Love on Earth.

The natural urge of our Soul to love and serve is helping bring about a more just and joyful world through the clear choice of how we show up each day as agents of compassion and artisans of new possibilities. Do you sense the urgency and feel the urge?

Michael Lindfield Meditation Mount Board President

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