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View from the Mount: ‘Divine Duality and the Natural Urge to Create’ – May 21, 2023

Our theme will be: ‘Divine Duality and the Natural Urge to Create’. 

All that we see around us is the result of a co-creative process and the Ageless Wisdom Teaching states that the manifested Universe is a Child born out of the consummation of a sacred communion between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine aspects of the One Life.

This Dual Origin, according to the Agni Yoga tradition, constitutes the two poles of the Cosmic Magnet functioning as the generative agent of Creation. Life utilizes Its two-fold nature to give birth to Itself and inside each person lives a corresponding Soul magnet with its dual Feminine and Masculine nature.

The search to reveal and express our Inner Identity involves figuring out who we are, where we fit in and what we have to offer. It is not always an easy journey to navigate and sometimes gender issues and gender identity are front and center in this exploration to discover, uncover and recover our sense of Sovereignty. Wherever we stand on the rainbow continuum of preference and choice, the Wisdom Teaching explains that, despite outer differences, we share the same inner geometry: namely, the Divine Duality of Masculine and Feminine qualities.

We will explore this profound Mystery of Creation and the requirements for bringing and conjoining the two parts of our Essential Nature into a dynamic balance enabling our Soul’s gifts to be expressed so that we may show up as co-creative agents and artisans of Life.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 51:36 Minutes

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