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View from the Mount: ‘Navigating by the Light of the Soul’ Part Two – March 3, 2024

Our theme will be: ‘Navigating by the Light of the Soul’. 

Whether at a personal, family, organizational or national level, it feels to many of us as though daily life has become a constant and unrelenting struggle between our better angels and our inner demons.  


Which force eventually gains the upper hand is entirely up to us.  Victory in this spiritual test is measured by how much light can be released from the Soul to help overcome the darkness of a limited vision created by our own doubts, fears, and ignorance of a key universal principle that declares we are all integral aspects of the One Soul of Humanity and that the notion of us being separate from each other is an illusion and a spiritual heresy. 


The Ageless Wisdom teaching indicates that humanity has now reached an evolutionary watershed moment – a critical collective choice point where we can either continue to be entrapped in materialism or we can liberate ourselves from the prison of fear and separation and allow the light of our true nature to shine and show us the way.


In these dark and turbulent times, we need the guiding light of the Soul to successfully navigate our way into a more joyful and illumined future.

In the Light of the One Soul.

Duration: 51:07 Minutes

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