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View from the Mount: ‘The Big Shake Up – A Radical Regeneration of Self and Society’ – June 9, 2024

Our theme is: ‘The Big Shake Up – A Radical Regeneration of Self and Society'. 

Our society appears to be standing on increasingly shaky ground and things we counted on for reassurance are now falling apart and unravelling before our eyes. We are facing multiple challenges – from extreme climate events to civil unrest and divisiveness caused by hatred and polarized beliefs – which are causing great uncertainty, fear and consternation.

A question often asked is, “What do I hold on to that will guarantee safety and security when the world is this wobbly?”

We know that natural disasters such as Earthquakes constitute unpredictable threats to our physical safety and psychological stability and we have prepared as much as possible for these terrestrial events.

However, in all honesty, are we prepared for the unleashing of another type of major shake-up in our lives that I call a SoulQuake that causes great inner upheaval and initiates a radical process of transformation and regeneration in our lives?

Any time the Soul is invoked and meets with resistance, or encounters aspects of our personal life that are not in alignment with its core purpose, it will shake and re-orient us until we conform to its newly sounded set of inner requirements.

We will explore the current upheavals occurring inside ourself and society through the lens of the Ageless Wisdom teaching to better understand and appreciate the liberating and positive perturbations they bring - allowing further progress upon the path of Self-realization and useful service to a world in need..

In the Light of the One Soul,

Duration: 1:07:12 Minutes

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