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View from the Mount: ‘Streaming the Future - Redeeming the Past’ – May 12, 2024

Our theme is: ‘Streaming the Future - Redeeming the Past'. 

Many people are feeling anxious and perplexed and asking themselves, “What on Earth is going on and why is it so hard for us to live in harmony with each other?” The simple truth is that the state of the world at the moment is a product of our own thinking and behaving.

Our ‘karmic chickens’ have finally come home to roost and we stand at a critical choice point where we either succumb to our fears and the selfish drives of our lower nature or we dare to aspire and conspire with our ‘better angels’ to create a more just and joyful society. One path plunges us into a period of even greater greed and darkness while the other lifts and leads us into a more heart-lighted future together.

The good news is that we have the inner resources and requisite power to build this brighter future where caring and sharing are the dominant characteristics. This is not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy but a real compassion-in-action possibility on Earth if we so choose. It all depends on whether we are willing and able to successfully harness the creative power of thought and the innate loving kindness of the heart as an invincible and transformative force for good.

In the Light of the One Soul,

Duration: 56:09 Minutes

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